The most intense days this week look to be Tues, Nov 11 and Thurs, Nov 13; relationships situations should be very strong Tuesday, and Thursday looks to be much more problematical in an overall basisWed, Nov 12 also looks significant with the sextile link up between Jupiter and Uranus, which should add a definite upbeatness and electric enthusiasm. 


Mon, Nov 10
Today could be quite upbeat, presenting many optimistic possibilities, the fruition thereof will take a good amount of determination and hard work; which is up to you to provide.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, trine Uranus)

Tue, Nov 11
Love hits hard, strong emotions not entirely legitimate may eclipse normal reason or perspective; whether it be within oneself or between two people.  In other areas a calmness, and realism will be possible that allows practical solutions to appear.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Saturn)

Wed, Nov 12
Surprisingly happy moments may come about, whether they be from similarly positive turns of events or just new moods that enter our space.  Communications and information will be important, especially around blockages and biases that hinder its conveyance.  (Jupiter sextile Uranus, Mercury square Node)

Thurs, Nov 13
Confused, deceptive and obsessive messages, thoughts, and actions can occur today.  Vitality and initiative may be inconveniently low; chronic conditions could flare, and the tendency to active addictively or deceitfully may be highlighted. (Sun square Neptune, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Fri, Nov 14
The Sun enters the sidereal sign of Scorpio today, moving from a cordial Venus-ruled sign (Libra) to an abrupt, impetuous Mars-ruled one; this slightly sets the stage for increased aggravation for the next 30 days. 

Sat, Nov 15
No peaking influences

Sun, Nov 16
Intellectual, verbal, and communicative matters will be favored, a more practical sort of optimism can be found.  (Mercury trine Urnaus, sextile Jupiter, sextile Saturn)

Mon, Nov 17
Early on a sort of hysteria could seize the beginning of the week, and the zeal to boldly bring changes or overcome set-in corruption.  The day also may be plagued confusion, deception, and misfires; touching also into relationship areas.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Mercury and Venus aspecting Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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