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Mercury Retrograde, Mars Opposite Neptune, Lunar Eclipse

There could be a little weirdness in store in this next 14 day period; the planets having to do with our perceptions will be undergoing some significant turns astrologically. In a four day period between October 18 to 21, 2013, there will be a lunar eclipse, Neptune opposed by Mars, and Mercury stationary retrograde. This article will examine the upsides and downsides that could result.


Lunar eclipses are when the Moon seems to fade away from view for a short period of time in the sky. This is because the Earth lines up with the Sun and Moon to such a degree that the Earth shadow literally covers over the Moon; so a normally bright full moon seems to partially disappear, change color or totally fade from view.

From an astronomical point of view it is easy to understand, but since the ancients had such a tendency to see things metaphorically they would say that a dragon is eating up the Moon. Perhaps the common folk really thought that a dragon was in the sky eating the Moon, but probably the high priests of the temple (who diligently watched the stars) really knew what was going on. But they kind of preferred people to stay in their superstitious state of mind because they could better control them. They learned how to predict eclipse periods and that knowledge allowed them to seem to possess supernatural vision, and hence, respect in the eyes of the people.

Lunar Eclipse Oct 18, 2013, Mars opposite NeptuneIn my experience I have found eclipses to be particularly strange in their effects on us, life seems to go a little bit wacky in the period immediately before and after an eclipse of the Sun or Moon. Seeing that an eclipse is a particularly tight alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth, it would stand to reason that somehow planetary magnetic fields are more attenuated than usual during these periods and have a consequent effect collectively on the people, sort of pulling them into a different space neuro-physically.

Mars Opposite Neptune

Then the next day (Saturday, October 19) Mars makes exact opposition to Neptune. Neptune is an influence that blurs the distinctions between concepts and will highlight areas of perceptual bias and deceit, which can cause various addictive, self-abusive, and deceptive behaviors. Mars in aspect to Neptune can incite actions based on incorrectly framed ideas and even negative self-actions which affirm disempowering behaviors such as those listed in the previous sentence.

Mercury Retrograde

Then two days later (Monday, October 21) Mercury shifts into retrograde motion. Supposedly a thing moving backward is thought to be “having problems”, but that is not necessarily so. What appears to be moving backwards to our eyes, may actually be moving along another track internally or other-dimensionally. We just don’t understand it so we call it “wrong.”

At any rate, with Mercury retrograde things don’t go like they are supposed to usually, especially Mercurial things such as discussions, work projects, communications, and written agreements.

Some might say that Mercury is a minor influence astrologically, it moves so fast in the sky that it simply doesn’t have the time to do more deeply foundational work that Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto would do. But I tell you that the mental perception of things is everything, without the mind there is no screen upon which to reflect upon what is really going on. That screen better be pretty free of spots because then you won’t see what’s really going on.

In quantum physics it has been theorized that certain events won’t happen unless there is an observer of that event, otherwise things are just a set of near infinite probabilities, or waves, if you will. It is the observer that makes things happen; Mercury is that observer. Mercury represents that mind. If you’re interested in learning more you can do a search on “observer effect.”

Here’s quite an interesting video on the observer effect and quite a few other things:

So when Mercury shifts direction, you can be sure that it will have a definite impact on our lives. Mercury returns to direct motion on November 10, 2013.

Summing It All Up

There could be occasions during this period that you might feel catapulted out of your normal perspective of things. Not feeling quite in the “here and now” can have a devitalizing effect on our energy level and emotions; when things don’t seem to go quite right we can get a little emotional (angry, sad, fearful) and we basically fall out of that happy place and normal functioning of the body, productivity, and getting along with others can suffer. The mind and feelings have a tremendous effect on the body and life around us.

Physical vitality may be down as well as resistance to disease. It is periods like that that help condition us towards meditative re-centering, to transcend limiting states of mind and body and carrying on. It makes us stronger and not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am a little concerned with Oct 19th, aspect of Mars on Neptune. Some of the extreme negative effects of this configuration can be quite deadly for some. Aggressive actions may be started with faulty, biased, or unclear understandings (such as with the current government shutdown resulting from the stalemate between the US Congress and the President) and events may happen which we have no knowledge of (behind a deceptive cloak of secrecy) but which have very impactful consequences on the lives of many.

Other than that, I would say that things may get a little strange (or a lot), but that in the end as we persevere through the positive results may be quite subtle on our lives, and will serve to integrate our internal selves with our external selves to become much more cohesive.

Monday, Oct 14
Frustrations may dog work, but diligence in application will yield strong results.  Activities like yoga, weight lifting, and hard work in general are favored.  This is not really a day to sit back and rest on one’s laurels, especially since those laurels may get a kick in the butt today.  Innovation and creativity should get a boost today.  (Mars quintile Saturn, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Oct 15
Today the Sun moves into sidereal Libra, indicating a shift for everyone.

Wednesday, Oct 16
Unusual and/or exciting relationship situations may arise, which may have a fleeting half-life. Hopefully pushing you to a less possessive, controlling, or manipulative way with others. (Venus trine Uranus)

Thursday, Oct 17
No peaking influences

Friday, Oct 18, Lunar Eclipse
The day may take a strange cast. The normal course of affairs may be disrupted and disorientation at some level may dog you. Just like a computer, your system pauses while downloading and installing a software update. Assimilation may take a few days to a week. Shifts in life may occur, signaled by various losses or gains.

Saturday, Oct 19,  Mars opposite Neptune
Carrying over from yesterday. Motivations may feel cloudy, dark, or on uncertain ground. Actions may be zealous, but highly misguided, producing regret. Be careful of putting yourself potentially in harm’s way. Vitality may be at a low level, chronic conditions may flare. Addictive or deceitful tendencies may be brought out. Projects may misfire. Ardent pursuers of truth, however, may find success with courage and boldness.   (Mars opposite Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 20
Breakdowns, breakouts or breakthroughs are possible. Be careful with the conscientious deployment of your abilities, authority and power; pushing the envelope too far may bring catastrophic consequences. Sublime sneakiness may prove the highest trump card of all today. Later on, social, cultural, artistic and spiritual endeavors are favored. (Sun quintile Pluto, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, Oct 21, Mercury Retrograde Station
Mercury, the messenger planet/god starts a three week period of apparent backwards movement. Normal business and communicative matters may be more afflicted than usual; unless great diligence is exercised, starting new projects in not recommended. Attitudes and emotions may be slightly irritated. Sudden developments may entree with shocking or exciting impact. (Mars biquintile Uranus)

Tue-Wed, Oct 22-23
No peaking influences

Thursday, Oct 24
Excitement and adventure may seize the events of the day. Be careful of impetuosity pushing things along faster than they should go. Attitudes and emotions could stray into hysterical or overly excited territory. (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quintile Mars)

Friday, Oct 25
Inspiration, meditation, and compassionate action are enhanced. Anything may seem possible, the bigger picture may seem more apparent and a feeling of brotherhood and love should pervade the events of the day. (Sun trine Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 26
Cordiality, creativity and romance are favored, be careful of situations which seem real but may only exist in your hopes. The tendency to spend precious resources is enhanced. (Venus quincunx Jupiter, Venus quintile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 27
Interesting interactions may pique your fancy, but may challenge your sense of preference of appropriateness in relationships. (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Monday, Oct 28
Competitiveness and a sense of urgency may characterize interactions and relationships today. Later on creativity and inspiration can be strongly activated, subtle distinctions may be apparent, allowing more beauty into life. (Mars quincunx Juno, Mercury tridecile Neptune)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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