I’m very brief again this week with so much going on.  The events of note in the sky are both Mercury and Pluto turning direct this week.  Of course the one to be wary of is Pluto, which has a deeper and therefore wider effect on society as a whole.  I am hoping that the chickenhawks in the Pentagon and White House won’t be able to summon up the will to launch any major scale military actions as Pluto turns direct. Back in 2003 the current Iraq war was started as Pluto made a station.

If you’ll recall a chickenhawk is somebody who vehemently advocates military actions, but who has himself never served in the military.  To a chickenhawk war is almost an abstract concept, simply a policy option.  But certainly the military option is the most profitable one for the military industrial complex, which is a very Plutonic animal.

Mon, Sept 6
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Sept 7
The lower magnetism of the world and all its temptations will be very compelling upon the consciousness.  Those with a conscientious application of the mind however will find great profitability as hidden things are brought to light, and personal breakthroughs are made.  Unusual or sudden relationships may come about (Sun tridecile Pluto, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Wednesday, Sept 8
Cordiality and interpersonal growth are emphasized.  Be careful of opportunities or situations seeming to be good, but may be frivolous.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter)

Thurs, Sept 9
Personal energy and motivations may be fickle, you may be inclined to act upon subtler ideas and results may be equally subtle or ambiguous.  Vitality may be afflicted.  (Mars trine Neptune)

Friday, Sept 10
No peaking influences

Saturday, Sept 11
No peaking influences

Sunday, Sept 12
Verbal and intellectual affairs will be stimulated; business endeavors may be a jolt of energy to proceed.  Emotional intensity will be strong; some people may be vulnerable to manipulation.  (Mercury stationary direct, Venus sextile Pluto)

Monday, Sept 13
Energy and intensity will be strongly activated; events and situations could ignite with startling impact.  Be careful of accidents, conflicts, injuries; this is planetary trigger point.  (Pluto stationary direct, Mars quincunx Jupiter and Uranus)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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