Mars Crosses Astraea’s Threshold

by | Jul 13, 2010 | Predictions

Mars Enters Sidereal Virgo

While all the world is focused on multiple crisis’s in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, the European economic crisis, the US economy’s plunge, Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson’s problems to name a few; I thought I would focus this week on the crossing of the planet Mars into the sidereal sign of Virgo.  Rest assured I have more to say on the above mentioned situations, and I’ll be getting to them in good time.

Astraea Greek Goddess of JusticeVirgo is a very interesting sign; it is literally a huge feminine figure in the night sky.  The figure is said to be the ancient Greek goddess of justice, Astraea, which is translated into something on the order of ‘she of the stars’.  Astraea was the goddess who chose not to dwell in the exalted heights of Olympus, but in fact regularly rubbed elbows with the normal men and women of the earth teaching them on the principles of good health, hygiene, and honor.   Astraea was a very ‘hands on’ god and not very pompous, qualities of which are very central to Virgos.

As man continued to insist on being profane, coarse, and rebellious against the universe’s laws of sagacity, Astraea departed earth to become the constellation we now call Virgo, and her scales of justice became the constellation we also call Libra.  Many images of Astraea depict her with a sword and a set of scales.

Goddess AstraeaSo Mars entering Astraea’s domain on Saturday, July 17 (according to the Raman ayanamsha) should be noticeable because whenever Mars knocks on the door he likes a dramatic entrance.  Using whole sign houses in the sidereal zodiac, this means Mars enters a new house in your chart.  So I’m thinking everyone on earth will notice a certain shift this Saturday and Mars’ “knock”.

Tues, July 13
Cordiality and love should be strong, be careful about reaching too high or grabbing too much.  Energy and enthusiasm will be hot, however the wherewithal to make something enduring with the energy with prove itself in the long run.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter, trine Pluto, Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Wed, July 14
At some point today energy, vitality and the force of the personal will may suffer from subtle and degrading influences which may cause people to act our their pet self-deceits: lies, escapism, addictions, self-pity, etc.  Physical energy may be low and chronic conditions such as allergies and sensitivities may be aggravated.  Various magnetic, powerful, but questionably wholesome emotions and energies may be brought out.  (Sun biquintile Neptune, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Thurs, July 15
No peaking influences

Friday, July 16
No peaking influences

Sat, July 17
Tendencies to be pessimistic, self-inhibited, and critical of others will be activated; a morbidly somber tone may prevail for a couple hours affecting behaviors, talk, and even physiological processes.  Mars enters the sidereal sign of Virgo, producing a noticeable shift in the affairs of everyone (entering a new house of their charts).  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Sun, July 18
No peaking influences

Mon, July 19
A very interesting day as far as information, debate, and investigation; be careful of subtle manipulations and exaggerations that take on a life of their own but will ultimately fall short.  These days we have to be wary of hyperbole, hysteria, and propaganda in the news, the internet, and other information sources.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter and Pluto)

Curtis Burns

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