Let the Mob Do Their Thing WITHOUT You

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Predictions

Astrology for the Week of December 5, 2011

Potential problem times this week may be Tuesday, December 6, and Saturday, December 10, 2011.  On Tuesday the Sun conjuncts the North Node, which may feel difficult, bringing up a lot of karmic friction.  Hopefully however we all will be directed toward important personal areas, connections, and developments in our lives on Tuesday.

Then Saturday there will be a power-packed day with Uranus turning direct and then an eclipse of the Moon (bringing the Nodes back into the picture).  This will be a unique stimulus from both ends of the astrological spectrum: an engaging, exciting configuration with a disorienting, spiritualizing influence.

With all the stuff happening lately; the Defense Authorization bill in the Senate, unrest in Pakistan over NATO forces callously (albeit accidently) killing 24 Pakistani troops in late November, to the continuing “occupy” actions going on in the big cities and Wall Street, to child sexual abuse at Penn State to increasing revelations of secret central bank bailouts and money-printing orgies by government and banking; there is a lot to get intolerant of. Perhaps the furor may reach a high point, although I’m thinking the eclipse may serve to cause some crossed wired, meltdowns, and other unpleasant developments in the process.  My advise is to stay inside and let the mob do their thing WITHOUT you.

Monday, Dec 5
This could be one of “those” Mondays we universally dread, with two malefics lining up today.  Come prepared to contend with possible delays and their attendant frustrations.  Be careful of risk zones (war zones) putting yourself in potential peril.  Be careful of accidents, especially to the muscles, tendons, and bones.  In other areas, relationships today may bring a little fun.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus trine Mars)

Tuesday, Dec 6
Very important connections and associations may be forming right now, or you may be seriously focused on things which might be described as destiny, karma, or life-mission.  Cordiality and a sense of happiness and togetherness should be very high.  (Sun conjunct North Node, Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Dec 7
Early on, a sense of transcendent beauty may characterize your relationships.  However be aware of the subtler issues of avoidance and self-deception may be involved in your interacting with others.  Love may provide a great distraction right now, but in the end prove to be disappointing.  (Venus semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, Dec 8
A high sense of excitement and anticipation may characterize the day.  Animated and bold actions are likely, but be careful of subtler elements of deception and self-deception involved, or just outright deceit on the part of you or others.  Physical vitality may be at low point, addictive behaviors could be activated, and you may be more susceptible to toxins or illness.  Relationships should have some lovely moments.  (Sun and Mercury aspecting Jupiter, Sun quintile Neptune, Venus sextile Juno)

Friday, Dec 9
Unusual, unexpected and/or short-lived relationship situations may come about, which a sense of wanting to control or possess another may swiftly break it.  (Juno sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 10, Lunar Eclipse, Uranus stationary direct
The feeling of intolerance of abuse of power and against hedges against your freedom to do what you really want to do may reach critical mass.  Others may feel this en masse and come together in groups and change for the better may be in sight.  This trend however may be affected by the eclipse of the Moon today, which can cause things to go awry or throw people into states of disorientation.  Eclipses of course are very spiritual, but their effects tend to be perceived as “bad.”

Sunday, Dec 11
Communications and cordiality should go well, with sudden alliances forming.  (Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Monday, Dec 12
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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