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by | Dec 10, 2012 | Predictions

Predictions for Week of December 10 to 17, 2012

The most significant astrological event this week is the switching of the planet Uranus from retrograde to direct motion on Thursday, December 13.  Uranus is the planet of social evolution, it rules progressive ideals and trends that can sweep up whole generations of people to the “next step,” if you will.  It has an electrifying and disturbing effect to the torpor of the status quo, causing many times sudden and radical changes in people and situations.  

Everybody needs a little “nudge” now and then, we tend to get caught up in pursuing after concepts of security, status, and other conditions of worldly relevance that we forget entirely the reasons why we are alive in the universe at all.  Each person has a unique talent and potential contribution to society in math, science, medicine, artistry, authorship, or some other area of endeavor; and it is Uranus that helps move society and people back into subjects and areas that really get them excited.  

So it may be Uranus that causes shake-ups and new developments in our lives, getting us out of the limiting “box” that heretofore has contained us.  We may not feel comfortable or happy with Uranus’ effects on our lives, but in retrospect we can be very grateful for what it makes happen to us.  

Reinforcing Uranus’ impact on our lives will be Mars quintiling Saturn, Venus conjunct the North Node, and the Sun semi-squaring Saturn immediately before or after Uranus turns direct (Dec 12, 13, and 14); these days could be quite significant on a personal and planetary level for all.  Powerful new relationship developments are in the offing, but we may need to contend with some problems and difficulties also during this time frame, peaking on the days mentioned above.  

Sunday, December 16, also may be stressful, but also pivotal, for many.  More info below:

Monday, Dec 10
Strange circumstances, weak character traits, or physical illnesses may be brought out.  Some may find sublime purpose or truths behind it all, and be motivated to press forward constructively.  Emotions may be strong and deep, but not necessarily solidify romantic connections long term.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, Dec 11
Perception and analysis may be biased, facts and details could be misread.  Discussions and thinking may be hindered by toxic conditions affecting body chemistry and the brain.  Important messages or information may be mysterious missing.  (Mercury square Neptune)

Wednesday, Dec 12
Focused determination and work may be demanded of us in various situations; however there may be competition for your valuable time by lighter, more social pursuits.  Strong emotional connections and romance themes will be highlighted.  (Mars quintile Saturn, Venus conjunct Node)

Thursday, Dec 13
Binding, limiting, or restricting conditions may become very intolerable, which may incite sudden developments for change or reform.  Your own personal proclivities may take precedence over other people’s demands or conditions upon you, and you may experience elated breakthroughs of thought or in problem solving.  Strong waves of emotional energy may surge through large groups of people, inciting demonstrations of dissatisfaction and opening the way for change.  Sudden or shocking occurrences may temporarily catapult you out of your sense of safety or security.  (Uranus stationary direct)

Friday, Dec 14
Problems, delays, and situations which demand of you adjustment and patience may come to prominence.  Be careful of potential accident, injury, or worse; emotional reactions may tend toward the ragged sort.  (Sun semisquare Saturn)

Saturday, Dec 15
No peaking influences

Sunday, Dec 16
Heated or anxiety-ridden exchanges may take place, along with an overall feeling of alarm or urgency.  Changes may occur suddenly and shocking impact.  The Universe sometimes needs to “shake us up” occasionally, and today may be such a day.  In other areas, relationships and emotional reactions to situations may take on strikingly deep, but potentially delusory turns.  Mars shifts into sidereal Capricorn today (Raman ayanamsha), so a noticeable change in affairs for all may be noticed.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Mercury semisquare Mars, Venus square Neptune)

Monday, Dec 17
Discussions and thoughts about affairs and subjects today may take on unrealistically exaggerated proportions.  People may promise more than they can deliver, and expectations may need to need to be toned down.  However debate and discovery may be interesting indeed, if not profitable at some point down the road.  (Mercury opposite Jupiter)

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April 4, Last Quarter Moon
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April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
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April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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