December 2015 Astrology: Mars Aspecting Pluto and Uranus

Astrology December 2015Early this month (December 6 and 10) we get the a pass of Mars over the Uranus-Pluto square which peaked in 2015, with one final kick of Uranus turning stationary direct on Christmas Day 2015.  Holidays seem to be very power-packed this year. 

The war front in Syria-Turkey is certain to get hotter during this time, maybe Russia will escalate attacks on ISIS key positions and assets.  Racial tensions may continue to flare in the US and the European immigrant situations. 

With Uranus turning direct later in the month (Christmas Day) energies may surge to cause large groups of people to realign over issues and ideals. 

Mars inflames emotions, especially those experienced when one finds himself in a situation of intimidation, threat or urgency.  One doesn’t have enough power, time, authority, strength or initiative-aggression to get through tight or overwhelming situations; therefore they must pull out some kind of energy from somewhere to get them through the situation. 

Usually it comes from fear or desperation, or some hidden place in their psyche that is not usually tapped, possibly because it involves some type of horror or trauma from their past and it becomes suppressed.  Like a tightly wound coil suddenly it gets sprung with surprising and shocking results, which any manner of injury, accident or worse accompanies it. 

The worse the level of self-disempowerment one feels, the more the person has to pull it out of some little-accessed place in their psyche to compensate for it, the results are unpredictable.  This is because that person has distanced themselves from their Mars-energy (and will very well point to an afflicted Mars in their horoscope). 

December 2015 Astrology Mars Uranus Pluto

Dec 6-10, 2015, Mars aspecting Uranus and Pluto (t-square)

One can renew their relationship with Mars through such activities such martial arts, weight lifting and exercise in general, or through endeavors like getting into business, or fighting for causes.  Then the energy when it comes up through transit, dasa or progression in astrology is dealt with from a place of familiarity and therefore relative peacefulness, and the positive results are much more assured. 

If you have an afflicted Mars you probably are more reactive than proactive, you may walk around with an exaggerated swagger because you think you have to be “tough” all of the time (you never know when someone is going to jump out from the shadows and attack you.)  You worship power because you feel a distinct lack of it within, and you “appease” the god Mars to get what you think you need. 

Karmically, the feeling of powerlessness may stem from past actions or intents on your part to take away power from others.  What you deny to others the universe denies to you, it’s a reflexive law.  You may have been born with a handicapped or deficient body.  Why?  Because you took power away from others; you beat them, killed them, or oppressed them; now the Universe, in its sublimely magnificent action removes from you what you removed from others: power. 

It’s not personal of the Universe, it’s impersonal; but it’s effects are to educate you what happens when you are on the downside of the power equation between people, so you might have more compassion for life.  It also protects others because when you’re decreased in power or effectiveness you are much less of a danger to others around you.  Karma is punitive, but it is also sublimely heart-expanding.  

I’ve actually expanded quite a bit on this topic of karma in a book I wrote a few years ago, Secret Laws of the Universe.  You can find out more about it by clicking the link. 

Tuesday, Dec 1
Ideas, discussions and actions may prove to be more “out of the box” than usual, opening the way for innovation and getting past issues which have heretofore been obstacles.  (Mercury trine Urnaus)

Wed-Thurs, Dec 2-3
No peaking influences

Friday, Dec 4
Hyperbole may try to compensate for moral and ethical holes in our arguments and actions.  Energy and motivation may struggle, chronic health issues may flare.  Be careful of addictive or pathological tendencies coming out.  Creative, compassionate or spiritual work is indicated.  (Mars biquintile Neptune, Mercury square Jupiter)

Saturday, Dec 5
Mercury enters the sidereal sign of Sagittarius, its debilitation.  Discussions may be exciting and provocative, however sound judgment may be prone to bias.  This is a background influence all throughout these next few weeks.  Mercury then turns retrograde in January 2015, continuing the tone of influences for the next month or so.  

Sunday, Dec 6
The astrological god of war contends with the lord of the underworld; not exactly a pretty or cleanly opportune occasion.  Deep antagonistic emotions may arise, with no slight losses, injuries or worse accompanying.  In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, his main advise is always avoid direct war if possible, but if it can’t be avoided strike swiftly and surely, make the ugliness as brief as possible.  Now may be such a time.  Knowing what is true or not may be a challenge today because emotions and predispositions may exert a very powerful influence.  Weighty issues may impact deeply.  (Mars square Pluto, Venus quintile Pluto, Sun sextile Mars, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Monday, Dec 7
An edge to attitude and analysis may be very helpful today, there may be a few urgent moments.  (Mercury quintile Mars)

Tues-Wed, Dec 8-9
Being oneself in the context of the group or larger cultural circle is the underlying theme.  Stepping out of the box of normal ways of doing things may be the key over these next few days.  (Sun trine Uranus, Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 10
A strident push for change, to reach for a higher and better way of doing things.  Boundaries may be pushed against impatiently.  Be careful of potential accident or injury situations, or worse.  Be careful to keep yourself collected and centered in urgent moments that may sudden assert themselves.  Opportunities may present themselves but be careful of any tendencies to squander them on lesser objectives.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Venus semisquare Jupiter)

Friday, Dec 11, New Moon
Transcendence, romance and the appreciation of beauty are favored.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sat-Sun, Dec 12-13
No peaking influences

Monday, Dec 14
Be careful asking, promising or risking too much today.  Bigger is not always better; neither will enthusiasm cover for a multitude of ignored or neglected details and facts.  Nevertheless creativity, spirituality and intuition is favored.  The Sun moves into sidereal Sagittarius today, producing a shift in everyone’s affairs.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Tuesday, Dec 15
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Dec 16
Discussion, analysis and investigation are stimulated.  Be careful letting enthusiasm incite bias into your thinking.  Good outcomes may stem from a predisposed optimism.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Thursday, Dec 17
Deeply resonating emotional reactions may characterize the day, a situation which can sometimes eclipse the conscience.  Reality may be a factor which can be shaped at will.  Energy and motivation may come and go mysteriously, leaving the ego vulnerable to suggestion.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus sextile Pluto)

Friday, Dec 18
Contacts and connection are stimulated, inciting new ways of dealing with people and situations.  Fleeting, but particularly captivating.  (Venus quincunx Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 19
Jupiter enters sidereal Virgo today for a short excursion before heading back into sidereal Leo from January until August 2016.  A shift may be felt in everyone’s affairs, and judgment and clarity may be afflicted by not wanting to look at the details.  Otherwise an intensity to this day; obsessive or pathological thoughts and actions may be sparked off.  Analysis of mysteries may yield amazing results.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto)

Sunday, Dec 20
Finding energy and motivation may be a challenge, chronic health conditions may flare, and tendencies to act less than honorably are indicated.  Be careful about addictive or “co-dependent” behavior situations, as well as malice disguised as good, or unrestrained zeal causing losses or worse.  Going along to get along may not work so well today, best be true to yourself and your inclinations and inspirations.  Within each one are unique qualities shared by no other, and which contribute a valuable piece to the whole macro-mosaic.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun tridecile Uranus, Mercury square Uranus)

Monday, Dec 21
Mars enters sidereal Libra, the sign of it’s debilitation for the next 60 days or so.  During this time, relationships and the idea of balance and equilibrium may have a few more ups and downs than they are normally accustomed to; and Mars overall may exert a more problematical influence as well.  Venus trideciling Neptune may produce some amazingly beautiful moments internally and between parties today, raising the vibration of the heart, which then radiates its influence to everything around it.  

Tuesday, Dec 22, Winter Solstice
The shortest day of the year (for the Northern Hemisphere); the days now start to get longer and longer again, radiating more warmth to the Earth.  The new yearly cycle has begun.  The calendar on the wall is a little off from the seasons by a few days, but still fairly close.  Being a siderealist astrology I think of the calendar of the tropical zodiac as measuring time, but the stars from my brand of astrology measures fate and destiny.  Of course it’s upside down for the Southern Hemisphere, or maybe we’re upside down to them….

Wednesday, Dec 23
Unusual but interesting relationship developments are indicated, mostly fleeting, but possibly opening you up to other emotional and transactional paths.  (Venus biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 24
Cheer and other pleasant things are flowing, framing celebrations and get-togethers in a positive cultural or spiritual view.  (Venus sextile Jupiter)

Friday, Dec 25, Christmas Day, Uranus Stationary Direct, Full Moon
The holiday is felt somewhat more emphatically today, intrinsically highlighting more personal motivations in life.  The potential for disruptive events or socially significant developments are indicated.  Christmas day is cosmically punctuated a little more intensively this year.  Discussions, analysis and intellectual processes are excitedly stimulated.  Early on be careful of a disorienting influence affecting awareness and alertness, as well as energy and motivation.  (Mercury trine Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 26
Thwarted intentions may throw activities off, as well as potentially derail enthusiasm and happiness for some.  Don’t let a traffic jam, mishap, or accident ruin your day.  Be careful anyway.  Now is your opportunity to align your energy and zeal with honesty, practicality and your greater life plan; since the other ways don’t appear to work.  (Mars semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Dec 27
Attitudes may suffer; pessimism may unduly affect outlooks and outcomes.  Don’t let failures or dead ends get you down, you are just learning methodically what works and what doesn’t.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Monday, Dec 28
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Dec 29
Unusual sort of passive-aggressiveness may be active today.  Anxiety and hysteria may drive situations and groups to extreme ends.  Creativity and spirituality are favored at the same time.  (Mercury square Mars, Sun sextile Neptune)

Wed-Thurs, Dec 30-31
Powerful emotional reactions may have a strong effect on affairs with relationships or otherwise.  Relationships may start and/or end rather quickly with your love-world appropriately rocked, so to speak.  (Venus semisquare Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)