Detailed readings for this week on a day by day basis, highlights include Wednesday and Thursday, June 25 and 26.  Sudden reversals, obstacles, delays, relationship developments…..

Click here for a detailed printout of the raw data for June 2008 

For an overview of the astrology of this week go to this article: The Decisive Factor

Mon, Jun 23
An abundance of exuberance may help to launch new endeavors, and nothing may seem impossible at the moment.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter)

Tue, Jun 24
Later tonight (more for Pacific and Far Eastern time zones) a calming, moderating, but constructive influence should settle in helping to create sustainable solutions.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Wed, Jun 25
Today and tomorrow could be intense, and today may have a little hysteria, alarm or urgency to it; and there could be a strong feeling of fate driving relationships, if not a complete over-magnification of the significance of them.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Node, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thur, Jun 26
This could be a rather eventful day, some frustrations, delays, or setbacks to progress; and tension that incites action to break out of heretofore restrictive situations.  Relationships could spring up suddenly, and maybe end just as quickly.  (Uranus stationary retrograde, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Fri, Jun 27
No peaking influences

Sat, Jun 28
A sense of urgency or alarm may disturb the mind temporarily, which may be accompanied by accidents or injuries, etc. For others this will be an opportunity to exercise assertiveness (Mercury quintile Mars)

Sun, Jun 29
Relationships and passion should get their outlets today as subtle agendas can be observed in the course of interactions.  (Venus semisquare Mars)

Mon, Jun 30
Relationships and communications will be highlighted, while in other areas the meaning of things may only get murkier.  There could be mysterious motivations affecting events; and elements of fanaticism, intimidation, and intensity could be observed.  A many layered, complex cast to this day.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mars trine Pluto, Mercury opposite Juno)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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