Peak days, more information below:

  • June 5, Mercury Superior Conjunction and Perihelion, Venus opposite Pluto
  • June 7, Sun square Neptune
  • June 13, Mars conjunct South Node
  • June 15, Mercury opposite Saturn
  • June 16, Uranus semisquare Neptune
  • June 18, Neptune Stationary Retrograde
  • June 21, Summer Solstice
  • June 26, Mars Stationary Retrograde
  • June 27, Saturn at Opposition

Evening Stars: Mercury and Venus
Culminating: Saturn around midnight, local time

June 2018 kicks off a summer to remember, by all indications.  Transiting Mars will be spending an inordinately long time in sidereal Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation; and at the same time will moving back and forth with Ketu, the Moon’s south node into the fall of 2018.

Mars makes a retrograde station on June 26, and then turns direct again on August 27.  So, it will be doing a little “courtship dance” with the transiting South Node.  The Nodes have the effect of bringing people and situations together to move us along in our cosmic destiny; and therefore Mars being there also is going to “heat” things up.

Heat, of course, refers to the speed of the atoms and molecules of an object vibrating and bouncing off each other.  So, with Mars, the “mover and shaker”, in the same room as Ketu I’m thinking it will be a summer of accentuated activity.

Earlier I wrote a free ebook on how this exact configuration is going to affect each of the signs.  Different rising signs will put Capricorn in different houses.  You can get the book here, for just the cost of your email address.

For instance, this summer Mars and Ketu will be activating Donald Trump’s sixth and twelfth houses, where his debilitated Saturn is.  So, I would say that that it won’t be a quiet summer for him.

Occurring simultaneously with Mars and Ketu above will be the exact semisquare of Uranus and Neptune, with Neptune turning retrograde two days later.

Uranus and Neptune combinations denote sudden and dramatic spiritual, attitudinal and ideological changes in people and situations.  Uranus is the energetic excitation of consciousness, in the expectation of new and amazing things, and Neptune represents the egotistical diminution that is required for spirituality to increase.

What seems acutely crisis-like in the life of an individual may actually be the effect of that “dramatically induced humility” referenced above getting that obnoxious ego out of the way of progress.  Roseanne Barr very recently was forced to eat humble pie, who isn’t to say that was not the Universe moving her along her spiritual path?

Then, as Mars makes its station as referenced above, Saturn comes to opposition.  Astrologers call it “Sun opposition Saturn” but astronomers will call the same thing the Saturn opposition.  From the perspective of the Earth the Sun is fully illuminating Saturn, a “full Saturn” if you will, just like a full moon is when the Moon receives the full illumination of the Sun.

Consequently, during Saturn opposition it is at it’s highest point in the night sky around midnight-1am and it is at its brightest.  Saturn is always going to be a cold, grey sort of star in the sky, but it will be at it’s brightest and would look very beautiful in a telescope.

Getting back to this sequentially-close Mars-Saturn astrology over June 26 and 27, I would bet money that we’ll be observing its effects and maybe feeling them quite acutely as well.  Don’t be too surprised with anxiety, irritability and frustration accompanying a sort of paralysis that we think is in effect, preventing us from exercising our prerogatives.  This thwartedness is, of course, simply mental, but we soon will be breaking past our limitations if we choose to exercise any amount of effort and determination.

Right, it stings and it “sucks” but in the end, these “disagreeable” situations are the very things that make us.  You are made for greatness, so it only is logical that your tests will be great as well.

Day by Day

Friday, June 1
Good fortune may strike in the most unusual of places; be careful of what some would call “good luck” though.  Revelations, insights and discoveries are possibly, especially with a lot o applied will-power.  (Mercury trine Mars, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, June 2
Moon at Apogee 4:34 pm GMT
Work on tenacious problems may yield refined solutions. At the appropriate time list above the Moon is at its farthest point from Earth.  (Venus trine Saturn, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Sunday, June 3
Moon at Descending (South) Node 12:39 pm GMT
Mercury on Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull in Taurus constellation, and Jupiter today exactly on Zubenalgenubi, the brightest star in Libra constellation, may bring out amazing revelations, but also potentially deep karmic retributions on mankind (or single representatives of mankind).

Monday, June 4
No peaking influences

Tuesday, June 5
Mercury at Superior Conjunction and Perihelion
Tremendous power and ability to produce so-called miracles in life is accented today.  Great emotional depth can make it a memorable time in relationships and otherwise.  Venus is conjunct fixed star Castor in constellation of Gemini can have sardonic or cynical tone to the day.  (Sun and Mercury biquintile Pluto, quincunx Jupiter, Venus opposite Pluto)

Wednesday, June 6
Last Quarter Moon
The Sun and Mercury conjunct fixed star Rigel in semisquare to Uranus today may bring about sudden, forceful and potentially fortunate initiatives, which if carried to conclusion may deliver significant results.  Mercury in square to Neptune however may cause to be overly vulnerable to errors of judgment.

Thursday, June 7
Vitality and motivation may seem quite absent, and chronic conditions and tendencies may come out.  Letting go of expectations and desires, especially those based on lesser egotistical needs, may be what is required today.  Sometimes giving up the lesser power is the open door to the greater power.  (Sun square Neptune)

Friday, June 8
Adventuristic and intense thoughts and actions may yield amazing results; be careful not to use people or situations only for personal benefit.  (Mercury quincunx Pluto, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Saturday, June 9
Urgency and alarm may characterize certain moments today, creating opportunities for personal assertion and progress.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars)

Sunday, June 10
Happiness and delight help grow culture, art, and spirituality.  (Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Monday, June 11
Boldness may deliver surprising results.  Be careful about promising too much.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter, Sun quincunx Pluto)

Tuesday, June 12
The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Capella in Auriga, the Charioteer; the influence thereof is quickness of action.  Good day to get things moving.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter adds to the buoyancy, but also potentially glib arrogance of the day.  Sometimes a little bravado is what you need.

Wednesday, June 13
New Moon (Gemini sid./Gemini trop.)
Mars is now in close proximity to the South Node (Ketu) in Capricorn, as it will be all summer (June through October).  Motivations bring people and situations together for purposeful initiatives, with maybe some egos playing off each other in various good and bad ways.  Mercury biquintile Mars adds a little creative flair.  Dark (new) moon portends beginnings of sorts.  (Mars conjunct South Node)

Thursday, June 14
Moon at Perigee 11: 55 pm GMT
Moon closest to Earth today may increase the catharsis of events.  Otherwise, this is not a day to relax, meditate or otherwise escape the demands of life.  Don’t fall asleep only to be rudely awakened.  Unusual and exciting emotional and relationship dynamics can help to open your heart.  Be careful accidents, injuries and the like.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury tridecile Neptune, Venus square Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, June 15
Stark realities may need to be addressed, calmly, but with a determination for resolution. Do not let the appearance of hopelessness thwart you, it’s always darkest just before the dawn, as they say.  Navigate conscientiously through impasses in relationships.   (Mercury opposite Saturn)

Saturday, June 16
Strange, unusual, but potentially liberating conditions may propel you to new modes of being and thought.  Make it the new you.  Mercury conjunct fixed star Mirzam corroborates the effect.  (Uranus semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, June 17
Father’s Day
No planetary aspects for Father’s Day, but the Moon spends most of the day in sidereal Cancer, which may help you to feel more for the guy that helped bring you into the world.

Monday, June 18
Neptune Stationary Retrograde
Neptune comes to a complete stop in the sky.  You never would have known it though, as Neptune requires a telescope to see.  However, this may be a moment to pause and drink in the vastness of all that is in one big picture.  Take a moment to experience that non-dimensional consciousness that is everywhere: past, present, and future; embracing all paradoxes, polarities, and contradictions.  Letting go of earthly moorings, that ultimately only limit you, becoming the All-ness of your Self.

Tuesday, June 19
The Sun is conjunct Polaris, the North Star, traditionally is it regarded as a bestower of guidance and direction.  Mercury conjunct Sirius, the “dog star” (Alpha Canis Majoris) can also help to exalt our affairs.  Relationships may hit tenacious snares, but determination will bring satisfying conclusions.  Discussions and other human interactions can deliver exciting opportunities and successes, catapulting us to new dimensions of expression.  (Venus quincunx Saturn, Mercury quintile Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, June 20
First Quarter Moon
Venus on the South Node can indicate sacrifices made for love, getting closer to real love in doing so.  Mercury trine Neptune opens the mind to more transcendent possibilities.

Thursday, June 21
Summer Solstice at 10:07 am GMT
The longest day in the north, but the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere.  Light is now on the decline for the North, but just entering ascendancy to our neighbors below.  Venus opposite Mars today brings emotions, motivations and potentials to manipulate others out; let’s seek to be conscientious in our dealings.

Friday, June 22
Transcendent beauty and love may transfigure consciousness.  Creativity and spiritual work are favored, or however that incorporates into your daily life.  (Venus biquintile Neptune)

Saturday, June 23
Mental aberrations are touched off, psychosis triggered.  Let’s all keep on an even keel through strange, turbulent, or tense situations.  New possibility may emerge spontaneously.  Mercury, as it exactly opposes Pluto, will be conjunct fixed star Castor of Gemini constellation, bringing down fortunate, but somewhat zealous energies. (Sun sextile Uranus)

Sunday, June 24
Relationships may move through their challenges, more successfully as we don’t demonize each other as we go.  Proactive measures are favored.  Mercury today conjunct fixed star Pollux of Gemini traditionally is supposed to bring out more violent responses.  Pollux was the less-nice of the Gemini twin, according to myth he was the fighter, Castor was the horse trainer.  (Venus biquintile Saturn, Sun biquintile Mars)

Monday, June 25
Opportunities may not be what they seem.  More is not always better.  Discipline may yield subtle treasures.  (Venus square Jupiter, Sun tridecile Neptune)

Tuesday, June 26
Mars Stationary Retrograde
Motivation, passion and initiative are at issue.  Too much?  Too little?  Defensiveness, aggression and obsessiveness are brought out.  Be careful of accidents and injuries.  Nevertheless, discussions and actions may yield exciting developments.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Wednesday, June 27
Saturn at Opposition, Full Moon (Moon conjunct Saturn)
Not so fast, mister.  It’s karmic payday. You’ve been too cavalier in your efforts.  Time to get serious.  You have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting. Get it together, says Saturn somewhat nicely, but straightforwardly.  Relationships and other emotional areas may present avenues of escapism.  (Sun opposite Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, June 28
No peaking influences

Friday, June 29
Skewed perceptions may cause problems.  Getting focus, purpose and direction may be a challenge.  Determination, however, may deliver beautiful realizations.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Saturday, June 30
Moon at Apogee (2:43 am GMT) and South Node (4:44 pm GMT)
Agitation moves life along, bringing us to opportunities for evolutionary growth.  Be careful accidents, injuries, and the like.  (Mercury square Uranus, Sun quincunx Mars)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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