July 3-10, 2006: From the Outlandish to the Ridiculous

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OVERVIEW: Moving from the Outlandish to the Ridiculous

On Independence Day Mercury turns retrograde; it should be a somewhat lively day but also perhaps unusual or quirky as the as the more deceptive side of Mercury comes out.  Mercury of course was the trickster of the gods, a thief, and a con man.  At any rate communications and mental activity should be prominent. 

As the US celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence maybe a little debate and discussion as to what that event so long ago portends today.  As far as I know the US is the world’s oldest republic, and those freedoms recognized in that document signed by the Founding Fathers are noble ideas.  The US Constitution however is something that is highly venerated, but rarely practiced.  

On Wednesday, July 5 Mars and the Sun both afflict Neptune.  This could have adverse affects on physical vitality for all, causing chronic conditions to flare, and heighten the potentiality for pathological human behaviors to manifest.  The perception of truth, already burdened by Mercury above; will be affected negatively by these planets today all the more.  Be careful of what you do or say today, believing it to stem from one thing; while it is really emanating from some deceitful side of your subconscious.  Feeling “good” about yourself might be difficult as well. 

But on Thursday, July 6 the planet Jupiter steps forward again by turning direct, after so many weeks retrograding.  Happening so close to Wednesday’s astrology it serves to bouy things up nevertheless.  Jupiter represents ideals, aspirations, and knowledge; so while turning direct so close to the US holiday the debate could wax hot in the coming days.  Not a few proud and high-sounding pronouncements by puffed up official would be out of order.   

Jupiter is if anything a great showman, giving the crowd what they want.  Jupiter though is also the planet of ritual, philosophy, and religion.  The Divine Force that hovers over us may draw closer due to our minds loftier prevarications right now, and maybe some miracles are in order as well.  Creativity, invention, wordliness, meditation, and artistry are favored.  For those with lacking self-esteem this may be a time to permanently pump up on some.  Others, of course, due to their already gregarious nature; may move from the sometimes outlandish to the patently ridiculous. 

The aspect of the Sun and Mars on Neptune would serve to precipitate actions that are of unsound judgment that could have potentially serious effects on the lives of many.  Underhandedness and guile would be the signature of these planets; and the action of Mercury and Jupiter will only emphasize and magnify things all the more. This week could be very pivotal and the need for a sane hand governing over activity is needed. 

Monday, July 3
No Peaking Influences

Tues, July 4, Independence Day
Mental and verbal exchanges are emphasized.  There could be a lot of activity, but be careful about what you perceive.  The increased subjectivity of Mercury turning retrograde today could cause trouble where practicality and details are important.  (Mercury stationary retrograde)

Wed, July 5
Neptune gets two strikes from malefics today (and may have been already manifesting yesterday).  Latent toxic conditions could flare.  Confusion and despondency is not unlikely.  Be careful not to put yourself in harm’s way.  In other areas relationships will be assisted, people feeling love for one another.  Tomorrow’s Jupiterean influences should already start manifesting.  (Sun biquintile Neptune, Mars opposite Neptune, Venus sextile Juno)

Thurs, July 6
This is a Jupiterean day.  Emotions should be upbeat and confidence should be strong.  The ability of the mind to soar or to make transcendent connections is enhanced.  One should be wary of over-confidence and lapses in good judgment about things.  The mind today can be swayed by the feeling that anything is possible and the bigger the better.  Consequently some people may be tempted to take risky ventures; from gambling, investments, or other expenditures of energy.  It is also Venusian today as well as it makes a connection to the strong Jupiter and Uranus as well; social, cultural, and emotional situations should be upraised.  Unusual or sudden relationship developments may occur.  The issue of freedom and individuality may be intensified, tendencies to act against authority figures may come about.  (Jupiter stationary direct, Venus square Uranus, Venus biquintile Jupiter, Sun trine Uranus)

Friday, July 7
Relationship situations are enhanced, as well as issues of respect and appreciation of the uniqueness of the other.  There could be separations as well as sudden connections forming.  (Uranus quincunx Juno, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Saturday, July 8
There is a weak fate/destiny influence today between individuals and situations.  Events of great personal importance may manifest.  Also the ability to project power and effect change with the mind or voice is enhanced today, be sure to act in ethical and in ways considerate to others.  Breakthroughs in psychology and uncovering other types of mysteries are possible today.  (Sun quintile Node, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Sunday, July 9
A very beautiful, but potentially illusory love/relationship influence asserts itself today.  One may have to be sure to separate fantasies of love from love that is based on service and compassion to others.  Creativity and artistic appreciation should be significantly enhanced.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Monday, July 10, Full Moon in sidereal Gemini
The Moon which represents the mind and the daily emotional/mental state of individuals is fully illuminated by the Sun which represents the eternal spirit and the principle of the will.  All in all, it should be a very dynamic and significant time (as it has over the past 3-4 days already).  Sometimes the energy of the full moon can be too intense for individuals and they go a little nuts around times like these.  It is not impossible though for determined individuals to channel the powerful situations brought about by this full moon to constructive ends; whether they be emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical. 

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