Tue, July 29
Sun aspects Mercury and Uranus: Unusual or unsettling developments may occur this day; new ideas and innovations may come to prepared minds. 

Wed & Thur, July 30-31
Relationship issues will be emphasized, feelings may be activated which hold the promise but not necessarily the assurance that things will go well. In fact there could be a lot of assumptions and leaps of logic made with regard to love that may ultimately be unworkable.  (Venus opposite Neptune, quincunx Uranus)

Fri, Aug 1, Total Solar Eclipse
The New Moon in sidereal Cancer is actually a full solar eclipse, it may have an enhanced mystical or spiritual connection to it.  The water sign’s activation more readily works with matters of a visionary nature.  The dark nature of the Moon here may lend and introspectiveness and distinctly initiatic cast to its effects. 

Sat, Aug 2
Discussion and debate is highlighted; be careful of overenthusiastic hyperbole; and a fond friendship may be experienced by many people.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Venus tridecile Juno, Mercury biquintile Uranus)

Sun, Aug 3
No peaking influences. 

Mon, Aug 4
Discussions and subjects of thought may dwell upon more mysterious and possibly frustrating areas.  It is important to understand the bigger picture in everything; what may  seem quite bad to the little self, may actually be quite good in terms of the higher self.  Feelings and experiences with loved ones could be especially deep and powerful, the raw magnetism of the feelings uncovered however may mask some more problematical issues.  (Mercury conjunct South Node, Venus trine Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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