Inhibitions Preventing Connectedness

by | Mar 2, 2011 | Predictions

This coming weekend there will be multiple consecutive aspects to Saturn in the sky, beginning early Saturday US time and ending mid-morning Monday, March 7, 2011.  Saturn has the effect of pulling out our anxieties, which cause us to tense up and bring about situations that seem difficult or impossible to adjust to.

Saturn works mainly on our minds, our perceptions, and challenges our predispositions which force us to “get out of the box” of our previously held ideas of what is good, right, or even nice.  You could say that Saturn works behind the scenes to pre-arrange for us situations that cause us to get down, to despair, or to go a little “nuts” over, so that we can see firsthand our weak points.

Many times people engage in pathological behaviors under duress; they crave some comfort, some soothing in the form of drugs, addictions, or other behaviors which bring a temporary sense of relief. Under Saturnine astrology you will see deviant or pathological behaviors flare up, whether it is in yourself, your friends, or people on the world stage, such as a Muammar Gaddafi claiming that the people still love him, or the latest rant from a Charley Sheen, who is burning up the media with his outlandish statements again.

There is a chance that this weekend, the normal expectation of social ease and relaxation may be delayed or restrained with a lot of internal inhibitions preventing a feeling of connectedness.  Many times there occurs a demonization projected onto others and situations, which can tend to snuff out any joy.

When Mars aspects Saturn like it will on Monday, March 7, in the morning USA time, I am hopeful that the previous couple of day’s Saturn astrology will help us get past the initial stiffening up that occurs under Saturn, and that we can be ready to start out the week with a wizened attitude, ready to apply ourselves to whatever challenge appears before us.

Tuesday, March 1
No peaking influences

Wednesday, March 2
A pessimistic attitude might come out attempting to sour plans and inhibit actions that might bring about results; there could be blockages to the flow of communications, and a spirit of criticism may dog parts of the day.  Be careful not to overly-demonize people or situations, choosing the lower road instead of endeavoring to work out differences.  (Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, March 3
An obsessiveness of thought or action may come out today, causing people to push the envelope in various inappropriate ways.  At the same time it may be possible to make mental and personal effort breakthroughs, whereas some days are just made to pull out the stops.  (Mercury quintile Pluto, Mars sextile Pluto)

Friday, March 4
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 5
Relationships and the feeling of love may suffer trying circumstances, testing the levels of commitment of all parties involved.  In other ways a more calm, refined, and workable love may set in.  (Venus tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, March 6
Obstacles and other difficulties may try the patience and will of everybody; fears and anxieties about inadequacy may come out causing people to act in bizarre, aberrant or pathological ways.  Today’s challenge is to stay resolved to the predetermined course and work through diligently whatever comes in the way.  (Sun quincunx Saturn)

Monday, March 7
Frustrations may abound, and there could be an actual danger to bone, joints, and muscles if proper care is not taken.  Be careful of other accidents or injuries.  You may find yourself in a situation that demands that you not let up in your efforts until there is a resolution.  (Mars biquintile Saturn)

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