Holiday Week Astrology

by | Dec 26, 2006 | Predictions

For a number of reasons this week there is a shortened Astro-Success.  Not to much to comment about except for what occurs over the holiday weekend:  

On Saturday December 30 Venus and Saturn link up astrologically and may help cause trips and stubbles in relationships.  Pointing the finger of blame of course is the trap.  More accurately this is a time to examine how your own inconsistencies in relationships are the cause of pain and suffering. 

Very late Saturday and early morning Sunday, December 31 the Sun moves into aspect to Saturn, which brings inhibitions, delays, and obstacles into play to test or prove the value of situations, relationships, and selfhood. 

Later on Sunday, maybe when a lot of people are gathering to ring in the new year, Mars will be moving into square to the Nodes.  This may mean that the urge to act and make things happen will be rising along with some of the expected human frictions that occur in the process.  Some may even get scrapes and cuts figuratively as this occurs, and some others literally. 

Early on Jan 1 Venus and Uranus aspect each other, which may mean quickly forming relationships may ensue, but which could end just as quickly.  The key is to enjoy the relationships but not greedily clasp onto them, which will certainly kill that relationship. 


Mercury, God of Thieves

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