Predictions for Week of August 9, 2009

In writing this week’s column I find that I can’t get my mind past the configuration which I focused on last week which comes to exactness this Monday, August 10, 2009: Mars square Saturn.

Hard Turns Strong and True

Ebertin in the book “Combination of Stellar Influences” (the best book you could ever buy on astrology) refers to this combination as:

Positive:  Endurance, the power of resistance, indefatigableness.
Negative: Concentrated energy either outwardly expressed as violence or inwardly shown as destructive power, hardness, harshness or bitterness, self-willed and self-willed obstinacy.  The demonstration of one’s own interest in any enterprise or activity lasts only such time as is required for overcoming the main difficulties.
Conjunction: The tendency to get hurt or injured, most destructive or pernicious forms of energy.

Actually I find those word very accurate to what transpires with that combination above.  Emotions take a hard turn and the buffets of life come strong and true.  It is also however a great configuration to help you tap into hidden reserves of strength and energy; yoga and weight lifting are two apropos activities that come to mind.  You must always be careful though to avoid injuries such as sprains and tears, because it is easy to take on too much if you aren’t adequately prepared.

I had actually written about this configuration last week, focusing more on the psychological aspects of it, and I will get this week’s info done a little later.  But my words last week about Monday remain true:

Monday, August 10.
Decidedly harsh moments can be experienced with Mars and Saturn squaring each other today; frustrations and tempers may flare; accidents and injuries are possible.  A feeling of powerlessness and inadequacy may dog your thoughts, inhibiting actions that may be important.  Some however may find deep strength in otherwise stressful conditions; intensive physical actions like weight lifting and yoga will be enhanced but make sure warm ups are dutifully done. (Mars square Saturn, Jupiter retrogrades back into sidereal Capricorn)

Hard Turns Strong and True

Jupiter is about to slip back into sidereal Capricorn any day now, which may cause some slight diminution of the Jupiterean optimism because Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn, which does not help to mitigate the effects of Mars and Saturn above.

I should say though that the planets disposing Mars and Saturn, the Sun and Venus, are relatively well off zodiacally right now, so that should help nevertheless to raise up the quality of astrological outpicturization here.

There are various dribs and drabs of stuff happening this week, which I’ll be posting in the next day here at SWN, but there certainly is a grouping of influences next Monday the 17th of August.  I’ll be fleshing those configurations out shortly.



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