January 28, 2006

by Curtis Burns

The sign of the twins (see below).  Gemini represents the concept of duality, which is a necessary quality for mastery in the plane of earth.  In duality; whether it good/bad, yin/yang, or white/black; there is an important relativism between the two that seems to rule in everyday human states of consciousness. 

It is here that Man takes dominion over the earth through the great power of his mind.  Gemini senses the diversity and variety of the manifest world, and almost computer-like, processes the information very quickly and adroitly. 

Gemini is very curious; and quite active in a slightly jumpy or nervous way.  Gemini has no time or inclination to great depth, only versatility and competence; consequently, those with preponderances of Gemini in their charts can be known as “superficial”.  Nevertheless, Gemini is a very bright and happy energy, and is quite “talkative”. 

Gemini’s many times seem to exhibit a dual-ness of character, having two distinct sides to their personality.  The esoteric meaning of Gemini is GOD-WISDOM, that is, it is through Gemini that we have the machinery to connect to the Wisdom of the Universe embodied in its symbols; systems of thought, energy, and ritual; and in its bright Intelligence Sources: the various Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings. 

So while Gemini in a mundane and perverted manner can be quite superficial, but worldly wise; in it higher modality it is quite transcendent; the problem lies in the holder of that Gemini mind, the choice of where that holder places his mind. 

The Twins

In archetypical stories of twins we see common elements: one is “light”, the other is “dark”; and they both seem to be in conflict with each other.  Relative good and evil seem to be outpictured in the concept of twins. 

Human beings, discounting our divine nature for a moment, have a relative “good and evil” nature: the good is the voice of ethics and conscience; and the bad is the voice of desire, base emotion, and the “little human ego tyrant”.  According to the philosopher Hegel, this “split”, or dichotomy, is useful in coming deductively to truth.  Thesis struggles with Antithesis and out of the process comes Synthesis, or a higher truth. 

The twins mainly associated with Gemini are that of Zethus and Amphion, both sons of Zeus by Antiope.  Zethus was the warrior, dispising his brother’s more “womanish” pursuits of music.  There was constant strife between them.  The figure shows Zethus with his weapon, and Amphion with his lyre, fighting with each other. 

Castor and Pollux are also associated with the constellation Gemini.  Castor and Pollux (also known as Polydeuces) were actually born as two sets of twins from two eggs lain by Leda, the wife of King Tyndareos of Sparta.  Leda was impregnated by that supreme philanderer Zeus, secretly while in the form of a swan, and two eggs were lain. 

Out sprang two pairs of mortal and immortal children; Castor and Pollux, immortal; and Klytaemnestra and Helen, mortal.  Castor and Pollux got into an argument with another set of twins, Idas and Lynceus, and Castor was killed. 

Pollux grief at his brother’s death was so great that he beseeched Zeus to resurrect him.  Zeus acquiesced and they were allowed to alternately live on earth and then in the heaven world of Olympus every other day.  Castor and Pollux are the actual names of the two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini (see below).  

Gemini and Hermes/Mercury

As the planet Mercury is the ruler of the sign Gemini, Mercury in ancient history known as mythology was rather an unsavory character.  Mercury was a robber of cattle, a trickster, and known for his cunning and deceit.  Being unsavory or “ill-dignified”, Mercury (also known as Hermes) had to rely on his guile and wits instead of heroism and courage. 

The point is that he embodied the use of the mind.  This use of mind by Hermes/Mercury was a shadow of the quality of wisdom.  The power of the mind used for guile becomes transformed by the Christ Consciousness to Wisdom directing our actions. 

The constellation of Gemini is one of the more easily identifiable in the night sky

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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