Frustrations, Suppressions, or Thwarted Ambitions

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Astrology Predictions for the dates January 21-31, 2011

Saturn once gain takes center stage this week, turning retrograde on Tuesday, January 25.  Saturn always does manage to find our most vulnerable areas, so a little un-comfortability may be hard to avoid this week.  The Universe of course does give us some room to dodge Saturn’s prods, but then he only gets us more intensely next time around. 

I’m already burning up my good karma with SWN readers being so late or absent from posting new articles these past few weeks.  Truthfully, I’ve just published a new book and started a Vedic astrology class.  So along with all my other responsibilities, I had to devote a great amount of my time and energy to get those things rolling.  You’ll be hearing soon hopefully about my new book, and if you’re in the Twin Cities you are welcome to attend my bi-weekly class.  Don’t worry though, there is no doubt that I am (and will continue to be) your cosmic-weather-man. 

Returning to Saturn, it should be noted that whenever it goes stationary (direct or retrograde) there is a higher probability of difficulty to descend on a mass level, such as weather problems, earthquakes, war, etc.  it also coincides with far reaching actions on the part of governments or worldly agencies that  acutely affect large or small groups of people.  Saturn is a “malefic”, bringer of misfortune, which to ardent souls is a blessing in the end, but always demands a lot from us. 

Before Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday, January 25, Saturn will get a “kick” from Mars, in the form of a tridecile, on Saturday, January 22.  Therefore this weekend could be notable for manifestations along the lines of frustration, suppressed desires, or thwarted ambitions.  Mars and Saturn in acute aspect can also be bad news for muscles, joints, tendons and bones, so be careful. 

Another issue with Saturn is simply hard work, deferring immediate gains for greater (and deeper) gains down the road.  Maybe there will not be any disasters stealing out attention this time, but everyone will be in a very serious state of mind, dealing with very serious issues, which might otherwise put us in a depressive state of mind if we weren’t so proactive. 

Which brings up another issue, when Saturn becomes strong like it will this week, some people seem to go into states of pessimism or paralytic depression.   Depression is a choice of course, but it is the height of self-deceit, because the only other alternative is to take complete responsibility for the circumstances of our lives (implicitly understanding it is our karma) and turn them around. 

Fri, Jan 21
Love and romance may be an intoxicating force today, the magic  will surely fade soon (proven false or ephemeral), but some moments like these can be remembered forever.  We may see more of our hopes and dreams in our partners, and subsequently be disappointed later on.  Refined aesthetic awareness will be enhanced, as well as spiritual compassion.  (Venus quintile Neptune)

Sat, Jan 22
Energy may meet obstacles, and the frustration born of the feeling of impotence to overcome may flare.  However focused deliberate concentration may bring you out of tough spots.  Also beware of seeing only things you want to, instead of the things that are really there; double check your perceptions.  (Mars tridecile Saturn, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Sun, Jan 23
Cautious or serious relationship dynamics will come out; less on the passion, more on the utility.  The potential for longer-term connections to be set up in increased.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Mon, Jan 24
No peaking influences

Tues, Jan 25
A feeling of pressure, nagging anxiety, or dissatisfaction may be reaching peak levels, which may hopefully incite us to make fundamental reforms in our lives.  Obstacles, delays and their attendant frustrations may characterize the day, and some people may experience this in a greater manner than others.  Saturn turns retrograde today, which may help manifest large scale events of a challenging nature.  (Saturn stationary retrograde, Sun tridecile Saturn)

Wed, Jan 26
Thinking and analysis may be influenced by a tendency to pessimism or paralytic anxiety; lines of communication may be hindered, and the message may not get through because there are too many “wall” between the parties.  (Mercury square Saturn)

Thurs, Jan 27
There may be moments of enthusiasm which may spur hyperbole, truth-stretching, and over-estimating.  In other areas, discussions and learning situations should be favored, as well as creative and spiritual affairs.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Friday through Monday, Jan 28 to Jan 31
No peaking influences

Curtis Burns

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