February 2016 Forecast

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Astrological Predictions for February 2016

zodiac globeSummary:
Look for powerful developments in relationships on Feb 5, as well as a potentially very interesting Super Bowl Sunday on Feb 7. Then you may expect more developmentally pivotal days on Feb 19-20. New moon is Feb 8 and full moon is Feb 22.

Monday-Tuesday, Feb 1-2
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 3
Motivation and hard work to make significant changes are indicated. You may not have the luxury of someone or something forcing you to get moving, but self-starters may have a great day. (Mars sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Saturn)

Thursday, Feb 4
No peaking influences

Friday, Feb 5
Ideas and their power to radically affect life are emphasized. Be careful about arguments, conflicts, accidents or injuries. Emotional depths and their power to bring about personal transformation are brought about. Love is strong. (Venus conjunct Pluto, Mars quincunx Uranus, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Saturday, Feb 6
Relationships may divide over ideas or philosophies, but somehow the differences is what keeps people together. Excited discovery may lead to fortunate endeavors or encounters. Be careful of taking on or promising on more than you can deliver realistically. (Venus square Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 7
Egos in the room may be at odds. Be careful of impetuosity and aggressiveness leading to conflicts, accidents or injuries. Disciplined or well-channeled energy today however may take you far. (Sun square Mars, Venus sextile Mars)

Monday, Feb 8, New Moon
Bias and predisposition may interfere with communications and the correct perception of situations or ideas. Be careful with lies that you tell yourself which allow you to to not succeed in your endeavors. (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, Feb 9
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 10
Multiple aspects on Jupiter today can make it a fun, interesting, and potentially fortuitous day. Cultural, artistic, philosophical and spiritual affairs are all emphasized, as well as beneficial connections between people and groups. Be careful on the frivolous expenditure of precious time and resources. (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Venus trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Feb 11
Feelings and connections may present illusory attraction, leading to disappointment later on. The Sun moves into its sidereal sign of debilitation, Aquarius, the uses of authority and personal power may have problems for the next 30 days. (Venus semisquare Neptune)

Friday, Feb 12
No peaking influences

Saturday, Feb 13
Motivation and energy may suffer in the translation or in getting properly executed. Chronic conditions may flare and attitudes may struggle for positivity. The good thing about today is that blockages to the flow information (psychological or otherwise) will be brought out in the open to be resolved. The spirit of adventure may still prevail though. (Mars tridecile Neptune, Mars sextile Jupter, Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Sunday-Monday, Feb 14-15, Valentine’s Day
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Feb 16
Stark reality hits, nothing beats getting straight to the point about what needs changing now. Attitudes may be the issue, revealing the true problems within and not external to oneself. Mars enters the sidereal sign of Scorpio, power and effectiveness may be enhanced. (Sun quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Feb 17
Regaining or achieving that state of emotional connectedness may be challenging today: forgiveness, compassion, and respect in high need today. Moments of the day could be characterized by high urgency, anxiety bordering on hysteria. Keeping centered, denying power to your worst fears may be key today. (Venus semisquare Saturn, Mercury quintile Mars)

Thursday, Feb 18
Early on, stimulating thoughts, ideas, and discussions may help set you out on a profitable and adventuresome day. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Friday, Feb 19
Sudden and disrupting elements may come into play, giving opportunity to the bold to seize. Be careful of accidents, injuries and conflicts. Restlessness is not always a bad thing. (Mars biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 20
Breakdowns clear the way for breakthroughs. Life is an ever-transformative adventure, periodically requiring you to cast off the old shell for the new one. Power and authority may feel threatened, eclipsed by some scary person or situation. Powerful energies may seek to overthrow your control, leading you to places of questionable value. (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Sunday, Feb 21
Getting out of the box is the theme of the day. Relationships and how you see and comport yourself is at issue. Do you simply follow the trends, or do you follow the trend/trajectory of your self, which no one else may necessarily do? Do your actions and relationships need approval of the group, or is that approval meaningless to you? Action may yield success. (Venus quintile Uranus, Sun semisquare Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Monday, Feb 22 Full Moon
Actively implementing your passions. Sparks may fly in situations and between people. It’s always where you can go with it rather than just the momentary experience of it. (Venus quintile Mars)

Tuesday, Feb 23
Exciting inquiry and discussion may characterize the day, opening the doors to new opportunities and relationships. Nevertheless a little practical grounding can help ideas from never getting past an enthusiastic discussion; apply it constructively. Religious, spiritual and metaphysical themes are emphasized. (Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Feb 24
No peaking influences

Thursday, Feb 25
Practicality of outlook is indicated: effective organization, accurate assessments, cautious optimism. (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Friday, Feb 26
New ideas open the way for new life directions. Openness and equality can be embraced. (Mercury sextile Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 27
Optimism and good cheer may accompany conditions which offer the potential of success. Emotional refinement and intellectual growth are indicated, especially for those who already cultivate those qualities. Artistic, spiritual and intellectual activities are favored. Strive to keep your sense of realism to these affairs also today. (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Feb 28
Ideas and states of being may be transcendently projected. Reality may be more defined by possibilities than somber limitations. Energy may have a difficult time getting out of its shell, as it were. Chronic conditions and deceitful or co-dependent habits of being may come out. Be careful of letting self-defeat steal your most stellar achievements. (Sun conjunct Neptune)

Monday, Feb 29
Relationships may have opportunity to achieve balance and equilibrium, moving them to solid positions. Generations may bridge and forgiveness may dissolve old wounds. (Venus sextile Saturn)  

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