Don’t Feed the Animals: Astro-Success Week of May 3, 2009

This week on Thursday, May 7, the quicksilverish Mercury slows down to a complete stop in its observable motion, and takes on the appearance of moving backwards or retrograde.  Normally for Mercury this is a three week process, before resuming direct motion once again. 

I wouldn’t make too much of the retrograde of the inner planets, although their effects are temporarily magnified several times; what should be minded are the stations of the outer planets from Jupiter on.  Even so they don’t seem to indicate very much, except for when they are stationing.  monkey.jpg

Nevertheless, on Thursday, May 7, you can expect a surge in verbal/intellectual matters which could seem to be going awry somewhat, and a slight hindering of the normal communicative/analytical functions during the whole three week period.  But don’t sweat it, there’s plenty of astrology to sweat about with us constantly, which gives me no shortage of stuff to write about here on SWN.  

Speaking of stuff to sweat about, there are a number of consecutive days this week with significant malefic levels of astrology, which can cause some of the current monkeys on our backs to grow into 900 pound gorillas.  Remember at the zoo the signs say: “Don’t feed the animals.” 

So don’t feed your problems with a steady stream of worries, anxieties, and colorful imaginations; that is their food and they grow pretty quickly.  Unfortunately other concerns like swine flu hysteria, rising unemployment numbers, bombings in Iraq, and escalations in Afghanistan will not be stopped so easily.  The monsters those problems feed have the power to affect everyone’s lives: close schools, crash the economy, or ignite world war three. 

Negative astrological configurations bring anxiety, anxieties bring calls for action, calls for action bring things that cannot be easily reversed.  If you know how things are done, it is by covering all the bases, making sure that everything points to the solution that you want to happen, and then finally pushing the button to make it happen.  A little convenient corroboration from the stars, and you’ve really unleashed an unstoppable force. 

On Friday, May 8, just following Mercury turning retrograde, the Sun makes a hard aspect to Pluto; the following day the Sun and Pluto form a contraparallel (move to exact equidistance from the celestial equator), it’s quiet on Sunday, and then on Monday Mars makes a nasty quincunx to Saturn.  All in all, this is a very potent brew of astrological events that could stir up the collective psyche of the planet quite deeply.  One might do well to observe and note the events of the next week or so that seem to happen spontaneously, and those that seem to happen with deliberate calculation. 

A Larger Trend

May will be quite an important month because there are a number of powerful configurations occurring yet: Saturn trideciles Pluto again (May 13), Saturn makes a station (May 16), Mars trideciles and biquintiles Saturn and Pluto (May 19), Jupiter conjuncts Neptune (May 27), Neptune makes a station (May 28), Mercury makes a station (May 30), and Mars sesquiquadrates Saturn (May 31).  Wow.  This is a lot of stuff happening in a short time frame, and such an important time frame to begin with. 

I hope in a short time to publish a report that I am working on detailing the course of the world astrologically over the next two to three years, and I am strongly feeling that the events of the next few weeks will be pivotal to what will be happening specifically winter 2009, summer of 2010, and the beginning of 2011.  The details of those dates are too complex for just one article on SWN, but it will be a lengthy special report full of specific dates, information, and extrapolations.  Stay tuned for that. 


Sun, May 3
No peaking influences

Mon, May 4
The spirit of adventure and enterprise will be sparked off, setting off all sorts of big talkers, haughty strutters, and impulsive attention cravers; however in that large crowd will be a more humble group that actually gets things done; and they will get a good charge today. Good day for a hike, shaking off the fetters, and rolling up your sleeves.  (Mars semisquare Jupiter)

Tues, May 5
Steady, moderate (realistic) progress is favored; no frills or hyperbole.  Unusual and quick relationships may form, brief but interesting and exciting.  (Sun in Aries trine Saturn retrograde in Leo, Venus in Pisces contraparallel Uranus in Pisces)

Wed, May 6
No peaking influences

Thurs, May 7
While the mind may feel sparklingly effervescent, there may be a strong subtext of biases, prejudices, and illusions.  Motivations may come from confused sources, which may contribute to undesirable outcomes.  Base behavioral traits may be energized: escapism, addictions, or manipulation; physical vitality may be at low ebb bring about latent chronic conditions.  (Mercury stationary retrograde, Mars in Pisces semisquare Neptune in Aquarius)

Fri and Sat, May 8 & 9
Abuses of power and extremes of pathological behavior may come out.  Look for breakthroughs; beware of breakdowns.  Before something new can start, something old must die; this could be a landmark weekend in the life of spiritual evolution.  (Sun in Aries sesquiquadrate/contraparallel Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius)

Sun, May 10
No peaking influences

Mon, May 11
Frustrations at obstacles may flare, making them seem greater than they really are.  The way to react to an opposing or stronger force is not necessarily to try to destroy it, whatever you damage of them you do equally to yourself.  Maintaining calm and self control shows that you may not have ultimate power over the outside environment, at least you have power over yourself.  Power over the self is the first step to real power.  (Mars in Pisces quincunx Saturn retrograde in Leo)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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