For a detailed, comprehensive overview of the astrology of this week, I made a separate article of it Rahu: Door to Destiny


Mon, Dec 15
Emotional harshness may come out needing a lot of patience, compassion, and faith to compensate for.  Be careful of injuries to bones and muscles; and misfortunes in general.  Frustration and anger can be turned into determination and perseverant action.  (Mars square Saturn)

Tues, Dec 16
Very significant relationship developments now; issues and perceptions may be more of what we want them to be instead of what they really are. (Venus conjunct South Node, Sun semisquare Venus, Mercury semisquare Neptune, Mars sextile Neptune)

Wed, Dec 17
No peaking influences.

Thurs, Dec 18
A dark or pessimistic cast may afflict judgment and the mind overall; otherwise it will be possible to get more realistic in planning and thinking. (Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Fri, Dec 19
Competitiveness, friction, and some physicality may influence affairs; be careful of accidents, cut, burns, or injuries. (Mars semisquare Node)

Sat, Dec 20
Deep issues in relationships and personal affairs may seem to surge in our emotions today, there may be issues to be dealt with requiring a greater measure of maturity on our parts. (Venus semisquare Pluto, biquintile Saturn)

Sun, Dec 21
Actions and states of mind may emanate more from obsessive/compulsive parts of us; there could be physical breakdowns. (Sun conjunct Pluto)

Mon, Dec 22
No peaking influences.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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