Contention Over Deeper Issues

by | Feb 14, 2011 | Predictions

Issues are most intense over this coming weekend, when there will be a triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto on Sunday, February 20; which will be compounded by a minor hard aspect between the Sun and Saturn.  What does it mean?

Aspects between Mars and Neptune carry a deep set of psychological burdens having to do with powerlessness and then delusion and despair, and their astrology will coincide with physiological issues festering that can suddenly bring a person down or worse.  Mercury’s involvement can contribute to the anxieties and dark turns of thought connected to those issues; and it can also correlate to problems and blockages to communications and the flow of information.  There could be errors of perception, or possibly more conscious use of deceptions involved.

While there will be more positive outcomes, the intensity of this configuration probably will bring to light issues on personal and collective levels having to do with mindsets, outlooks, and preferred ways of thinking regarding deeper set problems.  With some things there seem to be mainly two choices of thinking (and one is obviously in error): one can give in to gloominess, pessimism and depression regarding the harder issues of life, and sort of give up about it all, or then one can choose to take a more faithful, persevering approach, trusting that a more positive outcome is certain provided that hope is precisely not abandoned.

Looking at Egypt right now capturing the world’s attention: suddenly out of the blue President Mubarak decides to resign and give the government over to the military (bought and paid for by the US).  There was overwhelming joy and jubilation at the news by the people, but now as reality is setting in we can see that there seemed to be a number of interests conveniently waiting in the wings to take over.  So Egypt has only swapped dictators right now, and the idea of a people’s revolution is swiftly fading with its delusory euphoria.

Of course now Algeria is in the news with growing unrest, and there may be other nations; but maybe at the end of this week issues will again come to a head pushing major world developments along such as in the last couple weeks with Tunisia and Egypt.

President Obama is now of course getting along famously with the Republicans in Washington, DC, comparing himself with the Gipper himself, Ronald Reagan; but I think it’s all a scam myself because the agenda and outcome is already pretty much set in the Capitol and White House with financial and corporate interest having put their “yes men” in office.  Again, I just try to be realistic, and not be some liberal or conservative ideologue.

Maybe the outcome of the astrology of Feb 20 will be that a few of our cherished ways of thinking about how things work in the world will be ingloriously torn down, with a more realistic understanding of how things are really going taking their place.

Monday, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day
This could be a more sedate and serious type of Valentine’s Day.  Being able to get an accurate or practical awareness of situations will be easier.  (Mercury trine Saturn)

Tues, Feb 15
Ideas, discussions, and relationships will seem to get a tremendous lift today; but possibly unceremoniously brought down as we see that it is easy to cling to an overly optimistic outlook about things, but we see that in our glib generalizing of things we ignore some very deep things that will certainly derail all the supposed wonderful things that were to happen.  (Venus semisquare Neptune, Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Wed, Feb 16
No peaking influences

Thurs, Feb 17
Delusions and deceptions may be energized, but most likely will fall apart quickly.  Aberrant and deceitful behaviors may become issues; and physical energy and/or courage may suddenly and inconveniently disappear.  Around this time there can be instances of obsessive or overly-forceful thinking or discussion happening, challenging normal rules of reason.  (Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Friday, Feb 18
Relationships may hit rough spots, and the burning feeling of love and warmth may suddenly be very low or seemingly non-existent.  This is where the real commitment to relationships is put to the test though, and demonizing or alienation of the other person will not help, even though the tendency to do so will be strongly accentuated.  Issues of control and freedom may be brought out; love is not something that can be caged or managed, it moves as it will; and relationships are based as much on respect as they are on anything.  (Venus square Saturn, quintile Uranus)

Sat, Feb 19
No peaking influences

Sun, Feb 20
This may feel like a very rough day, but the roughness may only exist in our minds as we experience it.  Our perceptions and philosophies will be at issue, especially regarding what is “good” or “right,” and there may be more than a little defending of those positions verbally or on other fields of contention.  Pathological issues of behavior will be brought out, as well as the tendency to act deceitfully or engage in co-dependent, self-defeating, or deceptively towards others.  Physical energy may be at a low point and chronic conditions may flare sending people to the sick bed instead of the “work” place.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune conjunct)

Mon, Feb 21
No peaking influences

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