July 5, 2011
Changing the Face of Societal Thought
by Curtis Burns,

Predictions for the Week of July 4, 2011: Uranus Stationary Retrograde, Jupiter Trine Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto

Uranus symbolThis week Uranus comes to a halt in the sky, in effect, and then starts moving backwards; or retrograde, as it’s called.  Of course in reality Uranus does not hit the brakes and then start backing up, but because of the differentials of the orbits of the Earth and Uranus around the Sun, Uranus has the appearance of turning retrograde.

The basic rule of thumb regarding planets is that the slower they move, the deeper their effects on our psyches astrologically they have.  Therefore, a planet that comes to a complete stop has incredibly deep and powerful effects on our lives.  Indeed, during these stations, their effects become greatly magnified.

Therefore Uranus is an influence that causes us to become very dissatisfied with the way things are, it has an inherent intolerance for the status quo, which it regards as death.  Therefore usually you can find Uranus acting astrologically in the lives of those who make radical changes in their lives, or who like to stir things up, and who may live in defiance of what is thought to be “normal.”

Therefore this coming weekend, on Saturday, July 9, Uranus makes a station in the sky; and something unusual or unexpected may come out. Possibly movements involving groups, large or small, may emerge, and seek to change the face of societal thought.

Jupiter will also move into a powerful trine with Pluto this week on Thursday, July 7, magnifying the potential for deep, fundamental changes in our lives, but also empowering self-destructive trends of behavior, adding a sense of ideological justification for various actions which in the end serve only the purposes of chaos and destruction.

With Jupiter and Pluto the assessment of risks may become overly optimistic, unbalancing  the stakes making some very rich, but also sending many more to the poorhouse.

later in the week then on Friday, July 8, Venus and Pluto come into exact opposition, producing many interesting twists and developments in relationships all over.  Emotions and connections thereof may take on increased power, but based merely on beguiling types of magnetisms between each other.

Day by Day:

Monday, July 4, Independence Day
On this day of the United State’s birthday, relationships are highlighted.  Keep firm to whom and what you are within them, and strive to realize the purposes of your various relationships.  A spirit of luminous enrapturement may burden your perceptions of others, but at the same token that could help bring out the more ethereal qualities to our relationships.  (Juno square Nodes, Venus trine Neptune)

Tuesday, July 5
Enthusiasm may be hard to contain, be careful not to let zeal and ardor for what you are speaking, writing or communicating about cause you to distort or exaggerate the truth just so that you will be believed.  (Mercury square Jupiter, quincunx Pluto)

Wednesday, July 6
Hard work and application is favored, as well as getting better organized.  A calm, serious, and focused mood may prevail; therefore goal-directed action is most favored.  (Mars trine Saturn)

Thursday, July 7
Over the last few days an influence of ambitious expansion may have been growing, which will peak today, causing a lot of hyperbole and grandiosity.  Be careful of betting the farm, thinking that you can’t go wrong, for you pride may be very much eclipsing your reason right now.  Unusual relationship dynamics may be touched off, creating fleeting excitement, but hopefully stimulating new directions in relationships for you.  In other areas dysfunctional, addictive, or self-deceptive behaviors are triggered; also be careful of flaring chronic conditions and illness in general.  Among many other things, spirituality and creativity will be strongly stimulated.  (Jupiter trine Pluto, Venus square Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, July 8
Intense emotions and relationship dynamics are set off, causing potentially memorable but hopefully transformative life-options.  (Venus opposite Pluto)

Saturday, July 9
A spirit of social unity may seize various parts of the populace, hopefully spurring them to implement progressive changes.  In other ways it may manifest as a discontent or disagreement with the status quo, causing higher levels of jumpiness, as it were.  In extreme cases, sudden and radical shifts are possible, as well as more disquieting uprisings.  Relationship and communication matters can be cordial and settled.  Later on more obsessive tendencies can become activated.  (Uranus stationary retrograde, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Sunday, July 10
An upbeat tone may characterize the day.  A little bit of grandiosity and inspired rhetoric can also highlight this day.  Be careful of over-confidence, arrogance, and mis-directed zeal bringing more problems than solutions.  (Sun quintile Jupiter)

Monday, July 11
A sense of urgency and excitement can cause new adventurous initiatives.  Be careful of promises made in the heat of the moment, only to have the ardor fade away very quickly.  (Mercury sextile Mars)

Curtis Burns


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