This week Jupiter comes to a complete standstill in the sky, on Tuesday, August 30, 2011.  We always like Jupiter, because he’s is so FUN!  He presents possibilities and he has the ability to pull down out of heaven abundant blessings, and he just makes thing come alive.

Jupiter CassiniSo coming off of the difficulties presented by Mars, Saturn, and Neptune last week (Libya bombings, hurricanes, and other challenges), this week can dramatically better.

As I always say, Jupiter presents the enthusiam, but it’s Saturn that delivers the necessary hard work and determination to actually manifest Jupiter’s potentials.  So people may be feeling very excited and assured about projects and situations, but if they only keep talking and making grandiose gestures, then nothing may come about.

So maybe the policy for best success will be ‘talk less, do more.’   Jupiter’s influence has a relatively short half-life in our affairs, two or three days at most, then the familiar doldrums of mundanity will set in.  It is possible to call up Jupiter’s type of energy at will, but some days it is definitely easier, such as a Jupiter transit or personal progression.

So Jupiter will be retrograde until December 24, 2011, which means Christmas this year could be a more joyous occasion.  I would not be very concerned that Jupiter is moving backwards (at least from our perspective on the sky.)  Retrograde motion is the appearance of a planet moving backwards due to the differentials in orbital movements of the Earth and Jupiter.  Retrogrades are practically irrelevant with regards to earthly affairs, with the exception of the days that they switch direction, called stations.

As I’ve said here often, a planet retrograde displays it’s so-called negativity usually only when aspected by a malefic planet such as Mars, Saturn, or Neptune; otherwise it’s a non-issue.

When Jupiter is prominent in a person’s chart, that person usually has an upbeat nature, but they could be frivolous; they may be very religious or spiritual, but they are more concerned with  the outer manifestation or at least the appearance of those qualities.  Jupiter-prominent people have a better sense of luck, and of the ability to be financially independent or self-employed; they also can be very knowledgeable and specialize in the “big picture”.  They can also be a little untrustworthy, great on promises but bad on following through; sincere, but tragically superficial.  They might have also done a lot of travel in their life, or at least at some point.  A few of them might be rich, but wealth-accumulation is more Saturn’s department, because it takes a lot of hard work and delayed gratification of desires.  They may not have a lot of money, but a lot of debts and bad credit/reputation because of non-accomplishment.  But they certainly can be fun to be around sometimes 😉

Monday, Aug 29
Exciting and adventurous relationship developments may occur, just be sure that the other person will walk the walk instead of just talk the talk.  (Juno quincunx Jupiter)

Tuesday, Aug 30
All things being equal, today should be an exciting day with the potential for positive developments.  Relationships should be enhanced, and some truly significant moment between two people are possible.  Be careful about spending, eating or promising too much; because the down side of a good time is paying it back, the hangover, or the increased poundage.  Educational, religious, and spiritual affairs are favored, as well as being able to sell, persuade or convince.  (Jupiter stationary retrograde, and trine Venus)

Wednesday, Aug 31
Early on in European times, obsessive or compulsive behaviors might be set off, but diligent concentration may yield unexpected treasures.  (Mercury aspects Pluto)

Thursday, Sept 1
No peaking influences

Friday, Sept 2
An upbeat tone may characterize the day, so good things are more possible, especially for those who have any level of preparation for them.  Be careful of promising too much, or getting overly zealous and saying things which you may have to take back.  Risky behavior may be potentized, and risk means losses as well, so try to keep prudent as well.  (Sun trine Jupiter)

Saturday, Sept 3
Mercury moves into sidereal Leo today, everyone should feel a shift of some kind, depending on what house sidereal Leo is in your chart.

Sun and Mon, Sept 4-5, Labor Day (US)
Emotional responses may be surprisingly deep, good or bad.  Be careful not to let the floodtide of emotion cause you to lose perspective.  People may be magnetically drawn to each other.  Be very careful of potential eruptions of energy, anger, or destructive power.  The nervous system could become overly stimulated causing various forms of hysteria, panic, or chaos.  Be careful of being in danger zones.  Bold, dramatic action taken conscientiously may open the way for new life-directions. (Mars tridecile Uranus, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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