August 13-14, 2009: Aggressive Astrology

Enthusiasm and audacity will have no bounds, least of all those of social propriety.  Be careful of all those people who make their own rules as they go, what is chief is the needs and the acknowledgement of the individual because underneath he is dreadfully unsure of himself.

These are the actions of social pathology: overcompesatory and self-centered.  With the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter making classic aspects to each ther over these two days (Aug 13 and 14) things like consideration of others and finesse may be out of favor.

The potential egotism of the Sun get inflated by Jupiter, adding any amount of semi-religious or pseudo-spiritual self-absorption; and then Mars tries to push it into action thinking aggression is the universal cure-all.

Some good things may get done, but also a lot of self-empowering bluster may be going on.  However, good fortune may strike, especially as boldness may be the essential ingredient.  Holding onto their gains is the problem here; what so quickly comes may leave just as soon.


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