Tuesday, Aug 5
Sudden elation may mark the day. Unusual and potentially misleading relationship situations may come about. New life developments may appear. (Jupiter tridecile Uranus, Sun semisquare Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Juno quintile Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 6
Relationship turns, twists, and troubles; love endures tough challenges. Compulsive and obsessive behaviors may be triggered. (Venus square Nodes, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Thursday, Aug 7
Inspiration adds energy, giving unusual and seemingly miraculous ability. Motivations may act in less-well-understood or fluid situations, with the possibility of errors creeping in. Perceptions and communications in relationships may require some work. (Mars trine Neptune, Mercury semisquare Juno)

Friday, Aug 8
Thoughts and expressing oneself may seem trying or difficult, frustrations interfering with clarity.  Being too pessimistic or biased may prevent information from getting in or out.  Attitudes may be troublesome.  Intriguing possibilities may lead to new life directions.  (Mercury square Saturn, Sun and Mercury trine Uranus)

Saturday, Aug 9
Challenges may seem daunting, but the worst foe is always fear.  Tremendous transformations of energy can occur; revolutions, awe-inspiring efforts.  As the ego exits, a more transcendent self-hood emerges.  The path to discovery may be fraught with dangerous distractions.  (Sun and Mercury biquintile Pluto, Sun square Saturn)

Sunday, Aug 10
No peaking influences

Monday, Aug 11
Relationships may require some disciplined attention, a little patience and consideration.  (Venus tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, Aug 12
A beautiful but possibly unattainable relationship situation or state of mind may tantalizingly present itself to you.  (Venus biquintile Neptune, Juno sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Wednesday, Aug 13
Obsessive or compulsive issues may direct the course of events.  Intriguing subjects or individuals may present compelling possibilities, but which may not necessarily deliver any real soul-worth to you.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Thursday, Aug 14
Themes of brotherhood, compassion and spirituality may leap to fantastic and incomprehensible dimensions, the potential for actuality of which may be far, far off the mark.  Nevertheless, an aura of profound peace should be present.  (Jupiter quincunx Neptune)

Friday, Aug 15
Urgency and intensity may surge early on, perhaps raising a little more dust than is warranted, but it is always good to be proactive.  Unusual or ultimately unviable relationship situations may ensue, opening up one to new possibilities in life.  (Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury quintile Mars, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Saturday, Aug 16
No peaking influences

Sunday, Aug 17
Beautiful but probably unrealistic relationship sentiments may come about, leading one on in situations which may prove to be disappointing ultimately.  (Venus quincunx Neptune)

Monday, Aug 18
Early on, a sense of emotional exaltation and upliftment (possibly associated with artistic, cultural or spiritual matters) may characterize the day; but which may give way to more uncertain and tending towards darker sentiments.  Interactions may be intriguing but potentially misleading or deceptive.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury quintile Saturn and opposite Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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