Mon, Aug 14
[No Peaking Influences]

Tues, Aug 15
The Sun enters today the sidereal (starry) sign of its rulership, Leo.  For about the next 30 days the feelings of the imperial prerogatives of selfhood may be more pronounced.  For some this will be good, for others maybe a little too good.  Spirituality, however, as our true nature may itself become equally emphasized.  The Godly concern for the well-being of others accented.  Later on today sudden and innovative ideas are emphasized; writers, thinkers, technicians, and inventors may be able to use this astrology to their advantage.  (Sun enters sidereal Leo, Mercury biquintile Uranus)

Wed, Aug 16
Some time today a tendency of the mind to compulsively focus on certain things (because of subsurface psychological issues) will be activated.  The tendency to push the envelope as far as ethics or boundaries is energized; this, of course, is a situation that can be either used or abused.  Breakthroughs in psychological work, personal challenges, and scientific research could occur; just as long as the mind is trained on good objectives.  If there is no higher ethical governance of the brain at this time, trouble could ensue which might have the ultimate effect of diminishing one’s mental capacities.  As we focus on higher, rarified things the mind is co-equally blessed and receives a healing afflatus from above; but as we focus on lower, baser things; the mind is concurrently degraded and becomes subject to the law of decay.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Thurs, Aug 17
Around midnight Wednesday night the Sun forms a trine (flowing connection) to Pluto, possibly encouraging a courser, more ego-invested expression of the energies of the will.  The Sun representing the conscious mind and will could possibly become “contaminated” by the magnetic effects of unresolved (and not fully understood) subconscious impulses; causing one to behave in manners somewhat unbecoming or ultimately destructive to that one’s higher good.  The ability though to navigate through times of personal change is enhanced; which is again a conscious and carefully-considered process that demands a certain amount of circumspection.  (Sun trine Pluto)

Fri, Aug 18
A wild excitement may temporarily override one’s normal sense of practicality or common sense.  Nevertheless if you want to persuade, sell, or preach on something, the winds of fortune are at your back regardless of the purity of your motives.  Because of the square-nature of this aspect, the tendency to err in judgment is possible; which may cause of face-saving retractions.  Later exciting, but not necessarily intimate relationship situations may form; activities in groups and among friends are favored.  If love does sizzle, it may not be for long; or the tendency to greedily seize and hold onto it may cause it to flee away and die.  Purposeful and group-enhancing relationships are favored.  (Mercury square Jupiter, Sun quincunx Node, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Sat, Aug 19
At some time today, especially early morning European time; the ability of the mind to make new and innovative associations is enhanced.  Those who use their mind for their work may have an especially good day.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Sun and Mon, Aug 20 and 21
A relatively beneficent succession of astrological configurations this week, now turns a little darker and throws us back into the arena of developmental stresses.  Today pessimism and other anxieties that rob us of our self-confidence and strength are emphasized.  Physical vitality may be at low ebb, as would resistance to disease and latent chronic problems.  The tendency to run away from or self-deny our personal challenges through such vehicles as addictions, substances, or “spaciness” is highlighted.  This requires of course compensatory will power and stamina, which is there but we may not want to access or believe that it is there.  Sometimes there is still too much to gain by acting in a wounded or helpless manner, so we don’t change; but today the universe turns around these issues, and you will need to make the right choice and act upon it.  The ability to stick with and determinedly ride through the tough times is enhanced today, but it may take a little overcoming of fears or intimidation to do so.  Ultimately sublime spiritual compensation will be rewarded to those who persevere and remain strong in the face of uncertain, confusing, or discouraging times; great visions and inspirations are possible.  Spiritual grace enters in and a purged soul is ready for healing.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Mercury conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune)

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