Astrology Week of July 18, 2011

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I have been very busy on a number of projects lately and haven’t been able to focus on SWN to the extent I usually do.  However, the configurations are relatively non-existent this week to comment on anyway.  The only day of any significance is Thursday, July 28:

Thurs, July 28
Relationships are strongly accented with today’s configurations: trying to find reality in relationships, luminous experiences in relationships, deceptions and delusions therein, and being able to ethically influence and shape matters with others.  Some may separate, some may have emotional experiences.  There is a lot going on.  (Venus quintile Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune, June quincunx Neptune,  Venus sextile Juno, Sun quincunx Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune)



Thanks for your patience with me getting out the SWN daily readings, I was reconnecting with my son who I haven’t seen in a month as well as attending to some important matters.

Wed, July 20
Cordiality and love should be strong today, be careful of relationships for relationship’s sake, as well as good times “just because we can do it now” kind of sentiment driving actions.  (Venus quintile Jupiter, Sun sextile Juno)

Thurs, July 21
No peaking influences

Friday, July 22
While relationships may take new turns, the experience of life today may get unnecessarily harsh, at least in mental-emotional reaction to it.  Events do have a tendency to draw out what is sitting inside of us and bring it to the light, as it were.  Today some of the more selfish, neurotic, or pathological elements of our psyche may be brought out for us to deal with in the most enlightened way we know.  Be mindful of the higher probabilities for setback, delays, and things going awry in various ways; especially in how we have a tendency to react problematically to them.  Quietly assume responsibility for these occurrences, and take back your power!  (Sun quintile Saturn, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Saturday, July 23
Connections of a passionate, competitive, or goal-oriented quality are highlighted.  Early on there could be some pessimistic moments, and behaviors of a deceitful, self-defeating, or addictive nature are brought out.  A luminous quality of love may be present, but be sure that it has something real (and not vaporous) behind it.  (Mars conjunct South Node, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Sun quincunx Neptune, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, July 24
Early on an adventurous, impatient, and strongly-motivated energy may set in and attempt to get things moving; this will be especially fortunate for those who are not just starting cold and have something already running in order to take advantage of this “surge of steam.”  (Mars semisquare Jupiter)

Monday, July 25
Frustrations at inconvenient delays may flare.  Be careful of accidents and injuries, especially through haste.  Hard work and overcoming is favored, definitely not a day to procrastinate or deviate from the real tasks that need to be done.  (Mars tridecile Saturn)

Curtis Burns

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