Astrological Bomb Slipped in Under the Radar

by | Nov 29, 2010 | Predictions

December Intense Conjunction,TSA Abuse, Economic Austerities in Europe, Congressional Lame Duck Session, and Korean Crisis

When I was sitting down to write my weekly predictions blog/column, I noticed a “little” configuration that is sneaking in right in the middle of December 2010.  As you may know, last year I created a special report called Mounting Challenges 2009-2011, going in great detail about the crescendoing configurations of 2010, all of which will not be repeated for many a year.

In creating a report you can’t cover them all, the task is just to exhaustive and will become redundant.  However one little redundant configuration of note will occur I have just realized on Monday, December 13, 2010 with the very tight conjunction of Mercury, Mars, Pluto and the North Node (Rahu) in sidereal Sagittarius.December Conjunction 2010

This configuration is “intensity” crystallized.  Mercury acts upon the discriminative and perceptive faculties of the mind; Mars acts on the emotions and drives at a more instinctual level, Pluto acts upon the larger complexes of psychological issues that will cause us to act in various ways, and Rahu acts upon the collective spiritual forces in our lives.  All of these together look to be one heady, fervent, and potentially pivotal spike of energy for everyone on Earth right around the middle of the month.

Being in the sign of Sagittarius with its fiery nature adds to the quality of enthusiasm and potential hysteria.  Hysteria is a wildfire-like emotion that seizes us individually or en masse, and like a fire it will leave just as quickly; but under controlled circumstances the energy that underlies hysteria can be directed into a purposeful urgency where decisiveness is required.

Some people may experience the energy appropriately as the shock of accident or injury (in extreme cases), so beware if you are in a war or danger zone in any way.  Households can be a war zone of emotional carnage.

To look deeper at the possible outcome of the configuration we need to look at Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter during the peak time.  Jupiter will be in its rulership in sidereal Pisces and conjunct another planet of urgency, Uranus, which corroborates the theme of suddenly released energy and emotion.  The degree position of both Jupiter and Uranus however is only at two and four degrees, which may mean that their influence over the matter may be weak or non-existent.

I would hope though that Jupiter and Uranus’ effect on the configuration’s release will be positive, spiritual, and freedom-oriented at whatever level.

There are big things happening in the world right now: artillery flying with North and South Korea (another US proxy war against the China and Russia?), rioting and unrest in European nations having economic austerities forced on them by banking elites who are de facto taking over those nations, and US citizens are becoming horrified at draconian search measures by airport security with naked body scanners and enhanced patdowns of flyers.

There is also the upcoming “lame duck” session in the US Congress where outgoing Democrat legislators can press for legislation unimpeded by concerns about facing the consequences of their action.  Notable issues are the continuation of the Bush era tax cuts, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rules in the military, the START treaty ratification, and extension of unemployment benefits.  One could expect debate in the Capital to be a little heated with ideologies clashing against each other; but it may be nothing more that shrill exposition which seems to be the preferred mode in Congress (as opposed to doing anything).

The battle lines are being drawn and issues may come to a head during the middle of December this year.  A lot of people just lay back and accept things because they feel they have no power, or they can’t be stirred from their complacency; others (usually in the minority) elect to take a more participative mode and will protest, defy, or take even more pro-active measures.

You couldn’t see it directly but over last spring and summer while the planets were forming very dynamic configurations with each other, forces were on the move which are now resulting in the tumult in Europe and the US.  Harsh economic rules were being put in place, jobs were being lost which caused decreasing business activity, and now people need to pay higher taxes (because of lost revenues) AND now pay the bill for the financial sector of society which were the most culpable for the pending economic collapse.

As I wrote in Mounting Challenges, the final leg of this series of astrological configurations will occur on January 4, 2011 with a powerful solar eclipse.  This upcoming spike I am observing on December 13 could be a precursor to the “worst” which is to come.  Eclipses traditionally have a much wider umbrella of manifestion, its effects could be felt for several weeks or months afterwards after the energy has been seeded.

I am hoping for the best because I have a stake in the matter, as you do to.  I am relieved to find out that things never turn out as bad as the faddish prognosticators of our day like to present to us (Alex Jones, Webbots, and other alternative voices).  I very much think we need to heed alternative voices, but heed also their hysterical, agenda-driven, and therefore questionable tone.  These alternative pundits got lucky a few times, but usually they are wrong.

Mon, Nov 29
The sense of adventurism may be overly sitmulated or prematurely set off, causing a lot of fanfare but the probability of failure.  Enthusiasm and energy may burn hot, possibly burning out the motor, as it were.  Circumspect individuals however may be able to accomplish much.  (Mars square Jupiter)

Tuesday, Nov 30
Intolerance/distaste of restricting, old, outworn, or obsolete ideas and situations may surge, people and situations may make unusual or sudden changes.  (Sun tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, Dec 1
Cordiality will be enhanced.  (Mercury sextile Venus)

Thursday, Dec 2
An unsual weekend looks to be brewing starting with today.  Motivation and initiative may work off of hoped for or anticipated goals, which may be unrealistic or overly fanciful.  Deceptive trends or activities may be unfortunately assisted.  However spiritual action is favored.  (Mars sextile Neptune)

Friday, Dec 3
Frustration and angst may hamper the smooth flowing of events or actions; obstacles and delays may arise challenging your patience.  If despair arises of out difficult situations, keeping focused and determined on your goals will help turn around seemingly insurmountable conditions.  Important communications, connections, and activities may come about.  (Mars square Uranus, quintile Saturn, Mercury conjunct North Node)

Saturday, Dec 4
No peaking influences

Sunday, Dec 5
New or unusual developments can occur in your life today, dissatisfactions against tyranny or restrictive situations may flare and incite reforms.  Things may get shaken up, literally and figuratively.  Obsessive or compulsive tendencies may be brought out.  It may be possible to make mental and emotional breakthroughs, with the appropriate wrestling of issues.  Unusual or exciting relationship developments may ensue.  (Uranus stationary direct, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Monday, Dec 6
Actions and intentions today may be blemished by inconsistencies or dishonesties of application.  Energy, will, and physical vitality may be at a mysterious low point; and deceitful or addictive behaviors are energized. Some may find successes in the spiritual or creative sphere. (Sun quintile Neptune)

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