Astro-Success This Week: Jun 19 to 26

by | Jun 19, 2006 | Predictions

Sat, Sun, & Mon, June 17, 18, & 19
These next three days could be very intense.  Tension and stress could be palpable aggravating all psychological weak points.  People may be wanting to make things happen, or to redress or reform situations but it won’t be that easy.  Coiled up suppressed anger, resentment, and frustration is at risk.  Potential accidents, explosions, or other crises could occur.  Keeping in mind not to step on the tail inadvertently of the dragon would be good.  On Sunday and Monday relationships should be strongly activated.  Above it all a calm detached attitude can find new emotional control that will serve one well in the years to come.  (Saturday conjunct Mars biquintile Uranus, Uranus stationary retrograde, Mars square Jupiter, Venus quincunx Pluto)  

Tues, Jun 20
The impulse to make things happen, to press on against the forces of decline and decay, or to champion one’s own rights amongst others is almost compulsively or obsessively activated.  Sometimes people under this configuration are tempted to push the boundaries of appropriateness in social situations, or their baser (less consciously controlled) tendencies are apt to come out.  Associating with the criminal elements today may not be the wisest thing.  However some very good things to do is to vigorously physically engage oneself in large tasks such as cleaning out the basement, or tackling that dragon of bad habits and wrestling it into submission.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto)

 Wed, Jun 21
The Sun squares the Nodes today and that indicates significant connections with people who have unresolved business, and the implication is that these relationships may have a little bit of turbulence until that situation is resolved.  Another way of looking at it is that people and situations will come together that have inter-locking destinies that are yet to be actualized.  In other areas unique but more platonic relationships will be coming about.  Later in the day, surprisingly deep and intense verbal/mental activity is possible.  Be careful of obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors, and saying or dwelling on socially inappropriate things.  (Sun square Nodes, Venus quintile Uranus and Saturn)

Thur, Jun 22
An influence which has been building over the past week today comes to a peak; it has to do with managing obstacles and delays to one’s path and maintaining the sense of enthusiasm and positive expectations.  In this process one can see that some ideas will work, but others simply will not.  Letting go of cherished hopes and dreams (that are fundamentally un-viable) here will be beneficial to one’s overall success-path.  (Jupiter square Saturn)

Fri, Jun 23
Weak, passing love-relationship influence today that should promote harmony and felicity in affairs.  (Venus trine Node)

Sat, Jun 24
Things like jealousy may mar relationships situations, intense desire or compulsion to dominate the other (physically or otherwise) may have to be dealt with in a balanced way.  At the same time the tying and binding effect of relationships may react strongly against the sensibilities of people to remain independent and self-directed.  At any rate the stars are favorable for friendships and relationships of a non-possessive nature.  (Venus quintile Mars, Sun tridecile Uranus, Juno biquintile Uranus)

Sun, Jun 25
Connections of a promising nature come about today, but the realization of their expectations is another story.  People may exaggerate their importance or relevance to each other.  However connections of a philosophical, religious, or spiritual nature will be emphasized; and a good time together is likely.  Later in the day physical vitality may wane, psychosomatic, or co-dependent behaviors may start to manifest.  Be careful of escapism compromising ethics or honor.  (Juno square Jupiter)

Mon, Jun 26
There will be an unusual combination of yesterday’s physical vitality and ethics issues continuing on today, and then today’s connections to people or situations that can be aggressive, inappropriate, or competitive.  The key to understanding today’s astrology is that it is malefic, or developmental, influences that are aligning.  People may be taking what seems to be possibly unethical approaches and they may be difficult to deal with, but they are pushing forward in areas that may be overly set in their ways and need a “shake” if you will.  In other areas relationships and connections of a muted but purposeful nature are emphasized.  There could be connections forming with people of significant age difference.  There could also be some pathological elements coming out in relationship situations.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Saturn conjunct Juno, Mars semisquare Node)

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