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by | Jun 27, 2011 | Predictions

Predictions for Week of June 27, 2011

There is an amazing set of configurations this week, although “amazing” may not be the word that comes to mind when it occurs.  Rather, it could be considered “amazing” that we are still in one piece emotionally after this week.

Actually, the more we hold on through difficult times the more emotional integrity we can sustain over time.  “Difficult” times actually are very strengthening and create a greater sense and realization of selfhood in us all.

Venus comes into contact with the Moon’s South Node (also called Ketu).  Ketu is an influence that is very subtle, and it also has the effect of separating us out of our egoic attachments to persons, places, things, or ideas.  Timing is iffy because there are two ways to measure the position of the nodes, true or mean, and both seem to work.  However, it is safe to say that sometime this week Venus will be exactly conjunct Ketu.

Venus Node June 2011The human ego is a relativistic construct made out of associations, contrasting or identical, with objects and ideas of the material world.  For instance, a person thinks “I am a teacher” or “I am a banker”, or even “I am a detective novel lover”; these are all distinctions and separations out of the vast, general sea of humanity; giving one a sense of uniqueness and identity.

The human ego is also associated with a host of incorrect, unclear, or outright destructive ideas, such as “I am an alcoholic” or “I am an emotionally vulnerable person”, or even “I am God’s right hand of vengeance”, etc.

So Ketu has the net effect of removing us from these kinds of self-identifications, and the process can be rather unsettling (to say the least) because we like very much our little creature comforts, self-indulgences, and self-rationalizations, which is what ego-identifications ultimately are.

So with Venus in the equation, our emotional attachments and their vulnerabilities are acted upon, and not usually in a comfortable way.  However, if we can learn to roll with the punches, as they say, we can get a lot more mileage out of Ketu transits.

Ketu does give us the gift of subtlety however, so the Venus conjunction to Ketu this week will enable rewards in relationships or perhaps connections based on more selfless ideas: compassion, service, and spiritual liberation.

Spirituality (the Hindu moksha) is meant to be the liberation from the vain material attachments to name, fame, and overly sensual proclivities.  This is not to say that sensuality is out of order, but anything to an excess becomes more of an addiction/crutch than anything else.

Bottom line with Venus and Ketu is that there could be separations, but there is the possibility of more spiritual connections to form.  At any rate be prepared for some emotional cathartic releases, and their subsequent liberation they deliver.

On Wednesday, the 28th, Mars makes an aspect to Pluto, pushing everything into overdrive, and tact may be the least-used quality that day.  If you have a big to-do list, Wednesday might be the best day to get it all done.

On Friday, July 1st, there will be an eclipse of the Sun, it looks like a weak one, but whenever the Sun is temporarily blocked out, it symbolizes a temporary loss of consciousness or awareness, sort of like when a fuse is blown it takes a few moments before the eyes adjust.  Typically eclipses are moderately malefic astrological events.

Then on Saturday, July 2nd, the Sun squares Saturn, and we may encounter some of our deepest fears through situations and the tone of the day.  Be careful of accidents and injuries, delays and setbacks may characterize the day.  All in all, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday this week look particularly intense, demanding more caution and circumspection on our part.

Day by Day:

Monday, June 27
Multiple hits to Mercury, Venus, Juno, and Saturn today indicate developments in relationships for everyone, including making tough choices therein. Later on, Sun aspecting Pluto may bring about unusual, compelling, but not necessarily legitimate surges of energy to behaviors, breakdowns are possible.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Mars sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Juno, Venus square Juno, Mercury tridecile Uranus, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, June 28
Unusual connections may form, emotional releases may be particularly powerful, and you may make pivotal realizations with regard to relationships.  Be careful of getting facts and figures wrong and going with what you believe to be true but in fact is not.  Early on, breakthroughs or breakdowns are possible.  (Venus conjunct South Node, Sun opposite Pluto), Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Wednesday, June 29
This is not a day to sit around and meditate, get out and make things happen.  Just be careful of letting your zeal overtake your normal sense of appropriateness.  (Mars quincunx Pluto)

Thursday, June 30
The asteroid Juno enters the sidereal sign of Virgo today; shifts in relationship dynamics are possible.

Friday, July 1, Solar Eclipse
At some point today a spirit of pessimism may override the normal sense of perspective, and cause inhibitions on expression.  However, a greater sense of practicality and the ability to strategize are enhanced at the same time.  The Sun, Moon, and Nodes lining up today may also bring its share of unusualness. (Mercury quintile Saturn)

Saturday, July 2
Obstacles and delays may touch off a disproportionate sense of fear and anxiety.  Pathological tendencies of behavior are touched off, and accidents and injuries are more likely.  Keep firmly focused on your objectives, and don’t let this little (and I really mean little) bump in the road abort your quest.  It may be possible to let spiritual reverie take you over the rougher areas, at the same time it may be necessary to double check what you believe your senses are telling you.   (Sun square Saturn, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, July 3
Important developments in relationships are indicated, as well as learning the ins and outs of the distribution of power within them.  (Sun quintile Juno)

Monday, July 4, Independence Day
On this day of the United State’s birthday, relationships are highlighted.  Keep firm to whom and what you are within them, and strive to realize the purposes of your various relationships.  A spirit of luminous enrapturement may burden your perceptions of others, but at the same token that could help bring out the more ethereal qualities to our relationships.  (Juno square Nodes, Venus trine Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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