A-Dimensional Asymmetry of Manifestation: Neptune Station and Solar Eclipse

by | Nov 12, 2012 | Predictions

This week may be particularly spacey early on with Neptune making a direct station (moving forward again after some months retrograde) on Sunday, November 11, and a solar eclipse two days later on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  Neptune

These astrological events could be considered to be mutually reinforcing of each other, each inciting of disorientation which can produce dissociation from normal perspectives.  For a period of a few days there may be an unusual cast to affairs, and possibly a greater possibility for things to go awry or to cause unexpected results.  

While the Universe loves mathematical perfection, it equally loves a-dimensional asymmetry of manifestation.  Things happen when they happen; and what we think to be reality may be only the vaguest shadow of what it really is as seen from the unbounded perspective of infinity.  

Neptune and eclipses have the tendency to thrust us into these non-linear states of thinking and behavior.  The Universe despises more than anything the prison-house of man-made logic; so it will continue to send us off into otherworldly trends of thinking through spiritual experiences, illnesses, separations, misfortunes, and other departures from “normal reality” until we decide to embrace the larger omni-dimensionality of the Universe that contains us.  

What our father, mother, school teachers, bosses at work, and church ministers told us were “bad” are really wonderful from the standpoint of their liberating effect on us from the curbs, structures and strictures of the material world, all grossly in error.  

While I struggle to try to describe the meanings involved here, the astrology of this week may help us to make leaps into higher dimensionality, a-dimensionality, or non-dimensionality, if you will. Dimensions are basically constructs of the mind, with which we attempt to understand the nature of reality; but when we let go of dimensionality, what we have is unfettered, unconditioned perspective on things.  

Sunday, Nov 11, Neptune Stationary Direct
Neptune turns direct today after some months backtracking in the sky.  This is a day for reflection and transportation to otherworldly, future, or ideal spaces.  The future is bright, as it was meant to be.  We can be afforded a more eternal perspective on things, less shadow of mortal relativity or confining of possibilities.  Today can be a launching off to new life directions.  (Neptune stationary, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Monday, Nov 12
Unusual, exciting, and possibly short-lived relationships may develop; the key to success is seeing love as liberating instead of in terms of possessiveness of others.  (Juno tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 13, Solar Eclipse
The Moon passes directly in front of the Sun making this new Moon a solar eclipse, where the light of Sun (representing consciousness) is temporarily “snuffed out.”  There may be an unearthly or disorienting characteristic to this day, especially after Neptune stationing a few days before; things may not go as planned.  Some people regard eclipses as ethereal info-downloads, there is a pause in the system as it is installing and rewriting the software.  Mercury square to Neptune today may make accuracy difficult in light of propensities for bias in perception and analysis.  

Wednesday, Nov 14
The uses and abuses of power are highlighted today.  Behaviors may be overshadowed by less rational motives.  Physical, mechanical, and electric breakdowns are possible, causing disruption of affairs.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Thursday, Nov 15
Emotional tension may be strong, intolerance and severity in actions and thoughts may be very strong to contend with.  (Saturn quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Nov 16
Intriguing, inspiring, and beautiful relationships may becoming about, even if in the mind as a potential.  Trying to categorize or analyze them may be difficult.  (Juno quintile Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 17
Communications, discussions,  and important connections between people will be highlighted; intellectual assertion may be formidable.  Actions will be more inspired, seeming to draw upon super-luminal sources.  (Sun conjunct Mercury and North Node, Mars sextile Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 19
Love, passion and emotions will run strong; seemingly eclipsing other considerations, and which may seem not as important a few days later.  Obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors may make cordiality difficult.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Monday, Nov 20
Resources, wealth, and emotions could be could be spent on situations that may be of questionable worth; but it should seem enjoyable enough.  Spiritual, artistic and cultural issues may be highlighted.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

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