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Astrology Predictions for the Week of February 1, 2010; Continuing Patterns for 2010

It’s been quite an intense week with the square of Saturn to Pluto coming to exactness this week; it will be peaking again in August 2010 but the influence will be with us for the whole year.  Saturn and Pluto acting together is an intensely contracting and straining force.  Saturn restrains, cuts back, and inhibits things, which Pluto greatly intensifies whatever it connects with; so it is an extremely penetrative and potentially transformative equation. On Monday, February 8, 2010, the Sun makes aspects to Saturn and Pluto, bringing the energy back to our attention.

Nothing is very “bad” anyway in the great scheme of things; in fact the “worse” things are the better their effects on our psyches.  If life is all sunny and pleasant; laziness, sloppiness, and neglect are soon to come riding in. You could say in the land of plenty that is America, we have become fat, sloven, and depraved in our materialistic comfort.  However it is fast becoming the land of deprivation for more and more of the populace, seemingly on the track to becoming a third world nation itself.

As I have written about in Mounting Challenges 2009-11, 2010 is going to be a pivotal year chiefly because of the square between Saturn and Pluto, which will be buttressed by other planets in a grand configuration which has not happened in a long, long time.  So while President Obama waxes boastingly about the good things in store for the US, the force of exploding debt and geo-political change is about to eclipse all.  Energy prices could skyrocket, wars may expand, and the US itself could be threatened by a combination of military and economic pressures from Russia and China.

There will be positive spiritual progress, but it is crucial that people work together and stay focused on the positive.  2010 would seem to be the year of change, as to how far and deep that change is will be up to the individual as he or she dares to believe it possible and strives to make it happen.  These words could almost be considered clichéd, however with the patterns in the heavens above us they also happen to be apropos.

Day by readings with results, events may fall even a few days from the predicted peak days.

Sun, Jan 31
Carrying over from Friday a very serious cast can come to this day, the potential for sudden clamorous feeling to erupt are high. Sudden or shocking developments may occur, possibly on a large level. The feeling of loss, hardship, or the urgency to have to work very hard will be acute; however a very strong determination will arise as you keep a persevering attitude. (Saturn square Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Mon, Feb 1
While the energies of the weekend are only just subsiding, a more positive influence may capture your mind and outlook. Discussions, study, and investigations should be fortuitous. (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Tues, Feb 2
Issues positive and negative regarding communication in relationships will be highlighted, what is communicated and what is perceived may be entirely different matters.  (Mercury square Juno)

Wed, Feb 3
Deeper issues regarding relationships will be triggered: obsessions, hidden agendas, pathological motivations, etc.  It may not be the brightest of relationship moments, but it is an opportunity to uncover the darker sides to our connections.  Breakups and estrangements are possible.  In other areas intellectual and communications issues are going to be brought to bear; ideas, discussions, and business matters may take on greater significance.  Later on, relationship dynamics will start to heat up.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, semisquare Pluto, Mercury conjunct North Node)

  • CBS News anchor Katie Couric faces pay cut, CBS news deep layoffs, Couric’s high salary becoming a point of resentment for fellow reporters. News story
  • Obama rips Republicans for ‘obstruction’, presumably acting tough to save face from recent Democratic Party losses news story

Thurs, Feb 4
Passionate and competitive relationships may strike up early on; there might be a little background acrimony involved.  Later on a darker cast may come to thoughts, words, and actions; there may be a greater tendency to be pessimistic or to be come depressed.  Persevering thinkers however may find greater order, realism, and practicality to their plans.  (Mars tridecile Juno, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

  • Stocks tumbled Thursday, with the Dow and S&P 500 near 3-month lows, amid fears of sovereign debt woes in Europe and a rise in weekly jobless claims ahead of Friday’s big monthly employment report; i.e. bad news and negative thinking. News story

Fri, Feb 5
Progress may slow to an “intolerable” pace, opportunities may seem blocked and enthusiasm may be hard pressed to sustain itself.  This is actually a good place to be, this means you’re accomplishing things, overcoming heretofore insurmountable obstacles.  Keep on keeping on; it’s always darkest just before dawn, as they say.  (Jupiter quincunx Saturn)

  • Obama admits health care bill may die News story
  • US stocks continue downward on further European debt fears and US unemployment. At the end of trading there was a 60 point rally bringint the Dow to -40 from yesterday.  News story

Sat, Feb 6
Relationships may hit stumbling stones.  In other areas, opportunities may present themselves which may be too tempting to decline.  A feeling that you cannot fail because yours is the righteous cause may surge, and all sorts of arrogance and misguided egotism may come out.  Some people may win out; others may risk much and lose it all.  Creative and spiritual causes are favored as well.  (Juno square Nodes, Jupiter sextile Pluto)

Sun, Feb 7
No peaking influences

Mon, Feb 8
Early on a more pessimistic, albeit realistic influence may come over affairs; problems, delays, setbacks, and other frustrations may ensue.  Be careful about falling back into dysfunctional or pathological mindsets and behaviors when things get difficult.  A deep determination to overcome can be seen to manifest though, so don’t give up so quickly.  Unusual or very beautiful relationship situations may come about but be wary of self-deception in relationships, seeing what you merely project out of your own psyche onto another person, thus seeing the elusive “other half” of you which you can only love.  (Sun hard aspect to Saturn and Pluto, Venus conjunct Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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