Friday, Dec 1
Three hits on Uranus today may incite some unexpected and somewhat status-quo-threatening results.  Be careful or rashness, irrationality, or dangerous impetuosity. Take care with accidents, injuries and body-parts in general.  Boldness may pay off well.  Relationships enter new territory.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 2
Excitement continues today.  Ego may rub each other the wrong way.  Be careful.  Situations, relationships and opportunities may present themselves in ways that they cannot actually deliver upon.  Inspiration and creativity is high.  (Jupiter trine Neptune, Sun semisquare Mars) 

Sunday, Dec 3, Mercury Stationary Retrograde, Super Full Moon
The Sun and Moon square Neptune today, with the psyche and all its faults receiving full illumination from the full moon. Not only that, but it’s a supermoon (full moon closest to Earth).  Unusual, but possibly unearthly beautiful situations may present themselves.  Relationships are strongly energized.  Vitality and energy in general may be elusive.  Mercury also kicks into forward gear again today, the mind may feel particularly aware and alert, nevertheless.  Motivations may be suspect.  (Sun square Neptune, Venus semisquare Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday-Tuesday, Dec 4-5, Moon at Perigee Dec 4, 8:42 am GMT
Early on Monday morning the Moon comes closest to the Earth this month, which may No peaking influences

Wednesday, Dec 6
Situations and developments today may make you want to get in there and make things happen.  Sometimes a little bit of worry can be constructive.  Don’t be overly swayed by negative outlook on things, especially if you’re predisposed to anxieties.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, sextile Saturn)

Thursday, Dec 7
Make sure all the fact leading up to your excited conclusions are not fudged for convenience sake, because that could lead to problems down the road.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Friday, Dec 8, Moon at Regulus 20:25 pm GMT
Connecting up with new people and situations today may help open you up to new options and avenues in life, perhaps not so much in deep romance, but friendship. Moon conjunct fixed star Regulus today may deliver decisive success and exalted consciousness.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 9
No peaking influences

Sunday, Dec 10, Last Quarter Moon
Unrealistic relationship expectations may be at issue, causing problems, and one can lose oneself in relationships in a most unhealthy way, even though a unique sense of independence in side of them may also be there.  Otherwise get ready to see some of the worst pathology between people.  (Venus square Neptune, Mercury trine Uranus)

Monday, Dec 11
Mercury retrogrades back into sidereal Scorpio for a couple weeks, adding a little depth to awareness, conversations and consciousness.  Time to get to the bottom of things, solve mysteries, clean out your closet and relive old times.  Mercury goes direct on Dec 22 and enters sidereal Sagittarius on Jan 6.

Tuesday, Dec 12, Mercury at Perihelion and Inferior Conjunction
Retrograde perihelion inferior conjunction with Mercury; I’m willing to bet today will be very Mercurial: bright, connective, and fast-paced.  Much can be accomplished, the retrograde adds another layer of subjectivity, and therefore bias to the  outcome of things, which could be used to someone’s advantage.
Inferior conjunction is where the planet comes exactly in-between the Sun and the Earth.

Wednesday, Dec 13
No peaking influences

Thursday, Dec 14, Geminid Meteor Shower
Day of discussions, making things happen and rising above the herd of “snails”.  Don’t be reactive, be proactive.  Done is better than perfect.  (Sun enters sidereal Sagittarius, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Friday, Dec 15
Communications and relationships in general are positions for better progress.  Learn how to be more diplomatic, more refined in your approach.  (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Saturday, Dec 16
The things we depend on in life; it’s structures, rules, and demarcations; suddenly may not seem to matter, which can be difficult.  Rising to the challenge may be very hard, and physical vitality may be very low, opening the way for actions of less integrity.  Relationships may be affected as well.  (Saturn quintile Neptune, Venus semisquare Mars, Sun trine Uranus)

Sunday, Dec 17
No peaking influences

Monday, Dec 18, Micro New Moon
The Sun, Earth, and Moon line up and the Moon begins again its monthly race around the sky.  Since the Moon is at apogee, and farthest from Earth, it is called a Micro New Moon.  Things may be quiet, with no modifying lunar light refracting solar energy.  Otherwise no peaking influences

Tuesday, Dec 19, Moon at Apogee
Possibly not a day to sit back and reflect.  There are many mountains to conquer at the far side of your goals, the energy to move them will be strong, especially if goals are already there.  Otherwise the energy may channeled in the not the best ways, seeming big gains are really little in the whole scheme of things.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

More dates to be added. 

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