Will Condoleezza Rice Run for President in 2008?

by | May 6, 2006 | Current Events

If I were to use the last couple of US Presidents and presidential candidates for the last 20 years or so; I would include a number of character/astrology prerequisites to apply to upcoming potential candidates:

  1. A secretiveness, proneness to vice, and a quality of being some sort of a “puppet” to larger powers that be (links to the twelfth house in their charts)

  2. A strong personal dynamism or charisma (planets in or aspecting the ascendant in their charts)

  3. Connections to big moneyed interests and/or the occult such as a secret society (connections to the eighth house in the chart)

  4. A strong willingness to get out there and make things happen, and to be nasty where they need to be (connections to the sixth house), and

  5. An ability to capture and embody the imagination, ideals, and religious sentiments of the nation's populace. (connections to the twelfth house)

There are other criteria as well, and I'm sure if I did a more rigorous researching of the subject I could codify them even better; but these seem to be the overriding factors that make a US presidential candidate and/or office-holder. Mind you this has nothing to do with leadership ability, wisdom, or personal moral virtue. We could also include some other more mundane criteria:

  1. A family with a lot of wealth

  2. Strong affiliations to the military/industrial complex

  3. Ready agreement with a globalist agenda and a past history of championing their interests

  4. A long history of being a political insider in Washington, DC

What about Condoleezza Rice? We continually hear her name mentioned as a possible presidential or vice-presidential candidate, presumably to counter a possible run by Hillary Clinton in 2008. Does Condoleezza have what it takes (as elucidated above)?

Her chart is at the bottom of the page.

Secretiveness, a proneness to personal vices, and maybe under the thumb of a powerful behind the scenes bloc:

She seems to be a secretive as any White House operative these days, but maybe nothing on the level of a Dick Cheney or a George W. Bush. She seems to be pretty clean as far personal vices such as drinking, drugs, or affairs. She's pretty prim and proper, once having aspired to be a concert pianist and conversant in the classics of literature.

Condi's twelfth house is occupied by aggressive and arrogant Rahu (Moon's North Node) in Sagittarius, and its ruler Jupiter is strongly placed in the seventh house. Her Jupiter is also rather weak by degree position and under the strong aspect of a rather powerful Saturn in her tenth house. Her ability to be an independently agent free from control of behind the scenes bosses may be quite weak, so I would say this WOULD contribute to a positive prediction that she could be groomed for potential office-holding.

Condi does have a strong twelfth house connection in a more positive way with her strong interest in Russian affairs and history (the twelfth house also rules connections to foreign countries).

A strong personal dynamism and charisma:

She has an exalted and well-fortified Mars in the executive sign of Capricorn in her ascendant. She was very strong in athletics in high school and college and was very active with student associations. She was a professor of political science at Stanford University, a senior fellow in the Hoover Institution, and held quite a number of positions in government including National Security Advisor (the first woman ever) and now Secretary of State under George W. Bush.

The dispositor of Mars in her chart itself is a highly exalted Saturn in her tenth house of career. In short she is destined for fame, accomplishment, and an executive reputation. As far as whether this will bring her to the Oval Office we shall see here as we move on.

Connections to Big Moneyed Interests and the Occult:

The ruler of Condi's tenth house (career and reputation) is Venus and it is in secretive and occult-oriented Scorpio; but it is weak on account of being conjunct the Sun (called combust) and retrograde. She would seem to be a little bit weak on the secret-society/bizarre rituals angle that other political players have been known for. Condi has however sat on the boards of a number of large multi-national corporations; she even had an oil tanker named after her for a while.

Willingness to get out there and mix it up:

Condi's mettle would seem to be a little bit of the brittle intellectual type with the passive Moon in the sixth house in the sign of Gemini; which would have the effect of making her less of a self-promoter. Her Mercury however (the sixth house dispositor) is prominently placed in Libra (still kind of soft) but conjunct a very tough Saturn. Condoleezza might be more of a team-player and a diplomat than a person in the spotlight, but she can be very tough where she need be and she will go far.

The ability to capture people's imaginations and religious ideals:

She has the sexy and magnetic Scorpio charisma with the Sun and Venus in that sign, her modus operandi would be almost to allure others. The North Node in her chart in Sagittarius in the dreamy twelfth house can give her the ability to connect with more universal ideals and thus capture the hearts of the populace, but it may be in a more controlled and moderated way due to Saturn's aspect on both her Rahu and Jupiter (Rahu's dispositor). She may just come off as too restrained or controlling which could detract from her popularity. Being Capricorn rising as well would just reinforce the personal austerity of her character.

Yes, but will she run?

Well I don't think she has the necessary superficiality in her astrology as other presidential candidates have, she is rather serious in her demeanor and maybe not that politically marketable. Nevertheless, I need to take a look at her cycles.

November 2008

Conceiveably right on the eve of the 2008 elections (Oct 30, 2008 to be exact) Condoleezza will enter her first sub-dasa of her new Venus maha (great) dasa which started roughly when she was appointed to the highly prestigous position of Secretary of State.

This will be a one-year Sun sub-dasa from November 2008 to November 2009; the Sun usually has to do with authority and success, but this will only be for one year before she enters some contentious sub-dasas after that, or one's that would seem to have to do with affairs in foreign countries. It would seem more likely her specialties in foreign relations will come more to the fore.

Maybe she will take a position with some world-body such as the United Nations; but it would not seem the White House Oval Office. Condi herself has stated on repeated occasions that she will not run for President, but people keep bringing her up. I am of the opinion that she will not run for office, her career is on another track.

Hillary Clinton

I've written before about Hillary Clinton, and I think her chart is more geared to be a behind-the-scenes type of player and not with the ego needs to hog all the spotlight. It would seem all the talk in the media about her running in 2008 in my opinion as an astrologer and political observer is that is talk only by a bunch of semi-hysterical right-wingers and some fringe left wing pundits.

The Next US President

I do think however that whoever will run, it will be a choice between two individuals who have similar but minorly different ideas on how to best prosecute war in the Middle East, and the same with spending policies, and ditto on social issues. Elections are contrived, managed, and diversionary facades; but actual policy is being originated those who more or less control all financial, banking, and corporate assets around the world.

However sometime in the near future I want to tell you about the chart of the next US President, and some amazing things that will come from her/him during their term!

Curtis Burns
St Paul, MN, USA


Condoleezza's actual birthtime is not exactly known but has been pinned down to around 11:30 am. I have done some initial rectification of her chart and it seems to be accurate, so I've decided to run with the 11:30 am birthchart on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama.






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