Tunisia, Egypt and Spreading Chaos in the Middle East

by | Jan 28, 2011 | Current Events

Also Charley Sheen’s Continuing Adventures, and The Best Kind of Foresight

As I had written about in 2009 and published in the ebook Mounting Challenges, January 2011 looked to be a culmination of the previous two year’s astrological formations, which we can see now in what looks like a dominos effect with riots in Middle Eastern nations: Tunisia, Egypt, and possibly Jordan.

Egyptian Riots Janurary 2011Events like these just don’t happen on the spur of the moment, a long-term series of economic factor are at work, namely austerities imposed by international financial authorities (the World Bank and IMF), along with the work on NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) such as the National Endowment for Democracy, quasi-intelligence fronts such as Twitter and Facebook, and speculation on food commodities, among others; and then of course karmic cycles as pointed to in astrology.

It is very interesting to see that the tumult in Egypt precisely coincided with Saturn’s turning retrograde.  Saturn has to do with the acute feeling of pain and suffering, that boils over into rage at times; and it would also correlate with harsh countermeasures imposed by authorities in response such as riot squads, water cannons, shooting of rioters, and shutting down the Internet, which have occurred in recent days.

You can never point the finger at one singular cause of world events, in my belief that they are both natural and synthetic; i.e. natural tides of energy and sentiment in conjunction with deliberate actions taken by various agencies with certain ends in mind.  Some people may think that my brand of thinking here is unnecessarily conspiratorial or even paranoid; but rest assured, I do my research.  I try to fall in the middle of every opinion and source that I read, and I try to take in the whole spectrum.

You could also say that Saturn’s recent change of direction sparked off emotional landmines in the psyche of Charley Sheen, which resulted in his latest pornstar-booze-cocaine binge this week.  Poor guy, some people just don’t handle stress very well.

To capsulize: events transpiring now of a global transformative nature such as the dominos effect in the Middle East, weather swings and earth changes, and increasingly harsh economic and authoritarian interventions, we have to look to the following events astrologically:

  • The opposition of Saturn and Uranus peaking in autumn 2008
  • The transiting t-square of Jupiter and Uranus opposing Saturn, and both square to Pluto and the Nodes of the summer of 2010
  • The powerful solar eclipse of January 4, 2011, which added the influence of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars to Pluto and Nodes mentioned above.

You could look at:

  • the sweeping into power of the Obama Administration (really just another face on the neo-con, corporatist regime that operated behind George W. Bush)
  • the escalation of wars in the Middle East into Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia
  • the multi-trillion dollar banking bailouts
  • landmark health care legislation
  • Operation Cast Lead
  • the Israeli flotilla attack
  • escalating tensions with North Korea
  • threats against the dollar by the Chinese government
  • the lifting of restrictions against corporate political donations
  • “quantitative easing” by the FED
  • The TSA, emerging police state, and government surveillance
  • terrorist attacks (as they are covertly allowed to happen or are instigated)
  • the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabriela Giffords, and the consequences of that
  • the Davos conference recommending even heavier austerities for the populations
  • and a host of other pivotal world developments;

….all of these are direct manifestations of the astrology of our time.

So I think a little self promotion is due here.  I’ve heard a lot of predictions over the past five or so years, from the Webbots, to earthquake predictors, to Gerald Celente, to Webster Tarpley, to Steve Quaile, to Alex Jones, and not a few others.  Some have had good hits, most not so good.

But as far as I can see, none of them have been any better than the alternative tools I used, which was major aspects between the outer planets and eclipses, and some type of balanced view of current events.  As far as I can tell, by the astrology, we are now in the peak of the energies of cosmic stimulation, so emotions are heightened.

It’s my opinion also that some of the aforementioned predictors should start learning some of the arts of astrology.

The effects of eclipses are said to be in effect from a month to 6 months, or even more.  As I endeavored to explain it in my book; this is a multi-layered energetic process going on, and the full effects of it probably will not fully manifest for some months and years to come.  Make no mistake about though, we are at the pivot point in history, January 2011.  Maybe something more will take place in 2012, but I can tell you that the “seeding” of what appears in that year has been ongoing for some years already.

Anyone who claims to have some sort of secret window into the future, is engaged in my mind in a little sort of self-delusion.  It creates a little allure around the ego that has some sort of “magic” about him or her.  (and take this from someone who publishes predictions on a weekly basis)

What is really important, is the here and now, how the stars or whatever modality you prefer, illuminates the present, and may point to certain outcomes.  But the best foresight, is always best with a heavy foundation of hindsight.

Curtis Burns

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