Early in the mornings here in Minnesota; around 5 am, I can see a very big and bright Venus rising in the skies.  Venus, in fact, doesn’t look anything like a twinkling star, but rather a small, and rather brilliant marble in the night.  Could Venus have been the fabled Christmas Star that the Three Wise Men followed to meet the newborn King? 

For some recent images of Venus, the Moon, and Mars; CLICK HERE (Spaceweather.com).

Right now it is unseasonably cold, this morning (Dec. 3) it was around 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  The intense cold calls forth a little more of my own internal warming system to keep my internal and external worlds in equilibrium.

The longest night, the Winter Solstice, is yet to come.  This time of the seasons always is to me to be one of endings and new beginnings: the cycle of the Light, or the Sun (Son) closes it waning period, and then that one long night (which almost seems like an eternity itself sometimes), and then the slow return of the ever-longer periods of daylight on the earth, warming us and giving all vitality.

It is of course no mistake that Christmas is celebrated very close to the Winter Solstice; in the microcosm of the year, it is at the beginning that the Child is born, so tender and fragile.

During the Spring then, the Child with the incredible power of re-surgent life within him, resurrects himself from the “deadness” of the winter.  Life and splendor returns, disproving the lie of the permanency of death. 

It is by then by summer that that Child becomes a Man, shining in all His strength and glory, and all life around Him is almost in fire itself, enervated by the very Light that exudes off Him.

Then the cycle begins its waning phase, the light, vitality, and power gradually decreases; a mellower tone comes about; and the Harvest of His efforts is gathered.

Then, again, as the icy cold grips his bones; Death comes and takes Him; all life seems to return to it innermost core, slumbering, hibernating, dreaming, and planning for the activities for the next round to come.

And so it goes, inasmuch as Man one day escapes to Eternal Youth and Summer in the ritual of the Ascension in the Light; finally balancing all of his karma (his debts to life), accomplishing that which he was set forth on the earth for (his Divine Plan), and achieving the perfect balance of the threefold manifestation of God (power, wisdom, and love) within his heart.  Age and limitation forever gone, he is forever Free to move, act, and be.

Yet all of the Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings still honor the cyclic ritual of nature.  After a very long while, according to our perceptions of time, the universe and all creation itself starts to return to the Center.  There is a pause for a short interval in the un-manifested form of existence.  All is one, back again with the Father and the Mother.  There is a  reintegrating and repolarizing all the energy of existence back to its original form; resting, as it were, from the burden of variegated manifestation.  The God of the Universe Himself during this time is redrawing the plans for the new “year”, the next cycle. 

Mercury, God of Thieves

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