September 2020 Astrology Predictions

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Predictions This Week

Tuesday, Sept 1
Almost hypnotic fascination of subjects, discussions, and the world in general, mirroring yourself inside. Powerful execution and expression. (Mercury trine Pluto)

Wednesday, Sept 2
Full Moon
Emotional knots to untie along with concurrent experiential challenges, delays, or setbacks. Learn to retain a positive attitude when circumstances seem contrary to your hopes or goals, understand the concept of “blessings in disguise”. (Venus opposite Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun trine Uranus, Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Thursday, Sept 3
Realism, certitude and calm can prevail; opportunities for progress. (Mercury trine Saturn)

Friday, Sept 4
The struggle to find oneself is exercised today. We all make mistakes along the way, but our earnestness is behind it all. The people we are with act as mirrors to our own psyche. So, how we get along with them shows us how we get along with ourselves. Be careful of accidents or injuries. (Venus square Mars, Mercury quincunx Mars, Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sesquiquadrate Mars)

Saturday, Sept 5
Expectations are high, if not unrealistic. Nevertheless, the potential for amazing developments is present. (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Sunday, Sept 6
Moon at Apogee
Difficult lessons in love and all our connections, which impatience will not help us. The Moon is farthest from Earth today. (Juno square Saturn, Juno biquintile Neptune, Moon conjunct Mars)

Monday, Sept 7
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Sept 8
Powerful forces unchained, exercise conscientiousness in application.  You are the builder of the world of tomorrow.  (Mercury biquintile Uranus, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Wednesday, Sept 9
Mars Stationary Retrograde
Mars pivots, motivations are exceedingly strong.  Recklessness, accidents and injuries.  Be an agent of good progress.  Exuberance is good, but keep realistic.  (Sun trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Sept 10
Last Quarter Moon
Shifting emotional and relationship phases, coming back to reality.  Delusions lanced.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Friday, Sept 11
Neptune at Opposition
The hero walks a lonely and much-maligned path.  Perseverance and honor in the service of the small quiet voice within.  Gather up your strength and carry on.  (Sun opposite Neptune)

Saturday, Sept 12
Jupiter Stationary Direct
Ideas drive the narrative, details not in support conveniently ignored. Bold audacity carries things forward but will fail if not heavily backed up with work.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Sunday, Sept 13
No peaking influences

Monday, Sept 14
Passion and initiative to connect.  Leaders arise.  The heat of battle.  (Mars opposite Juno, Sun biquintile Mars, Sun trine Pluto)

Tuesday, Sept 15
Sudden and unusual emotional and/or relationship situations can occur. Perhaps you’ve become a little too complacent, limited, or predictable in your ways, and a little shake up is in order.  (Venus square Uranus)

Wednesday, Sept 16
No peaking influences

Thursday, Sept 17
New Moon
Exciting moments take you out of your normal world, offering up new possibilities and self-insights.  (Sun trine Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter)

Friday, Sept 18
Moon at Perigee
The Moon is closest to Earth today and hopeful and intriguing vistas may be presented to the mind.  Love and unity experienced.  (Venus biquintile Neptune, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Saturday, Sept 19
Mercury at Aphelion (farthest from the Sun)
Thoughts and action are the same, be careful what you think because they become reality with the speed of light.  Passion and motivation. (Sun quincunx Mars, Venus tridecile Mars)

Sunday, Sept 20
No peaking influences

Monday, Sept 21
Exciting and provocative situations tempt our lower natures but can stimulate amazing creative output.  (Mercury square Pluto, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Sept 22
Autumnal Equinox
Mercury conjunct Spica/Arcturus
Days and nights are of exact equal length right now, becoming smaller in one hemisphere, greater in another.  Flashing brilliance of thought and actualization with Mercury conjunct Spica/Arcturus stars. 

Wednesday, Sept 23
The mood/tone starts to take on a serious cast over the next seven days.  Today some hopes may be dashed by sobering reality, even though a glow of hope seems to remain.  There are perhaps better situations or opportunities coming down the road, including relationships.  (Venus quintile Juno, Mercury biquintile Neptune, Mercury square Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Thursday, Sept 24
Last Quarter Moon
Urgency and incisiveness characterize the situations of the day.  Strike the iron while it’s hot. Turn situational problems into opportunities for genius and innovation, avoid confrontations and arguments.  (Mercury opposite Mars)

Friday, Sept 25
No peaking influences

Saturday, Sept 26
Don’t do the predictable thing with people or situations.  Seize initiative and gain advantage.  (Venus quincunx Pluto, Sun biquintile Uranus, Sun tridecile Pluto)

Sunday, Sept 27
Delightful moments open creativity and love.  (Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, Sept 28
Setbacks, but helping us to get on better footing and advantage, in relationships as well as other things.  (Venus quincunx Saturn, Venus trine Mars)

Tuesday, Sept 29
Saturn Stationary Direct square Mars
Necessary turns, but not necessarily appreciated or preferred.  Swallow that karmic pill, let the attitudinal poisons exit the system.  Do not resist the flow of life, now taking a new course.  (Sun tridecile Saturn)

Wednesday, Sept 30
New hope and associations beginning after the dust settles.  Strive for honor and clarity.  (Mercury conjunct Juno, Venus tridecile Uranus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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