March 2020 Predictions

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Predictions This Week

Sunday, March 1
The Moon conjuncts the malefic stars in the Taurus region of the zodiac today, Algol and Alcyone of the Pleiades.  A little intensity helps to shake up things perhaps too long idle. 

Monday, March 2
First Quarter Moon
Amazing-seeming relationship moments, but promises and potentials don’t count for much in the end.  Early on the Moon activates the Heart of the Scorpion Antares /Eye of the Bull Aldebaran axis; delivering a little extra kick to affairs.  (Jupiter square Juno)

Tuesday, March 3
Hold on, not a day to celebrate success or happiness.  Situations and problems present themselves for your increased success, a little bit further down the road.  Don’t’ succumb to discouragement.  Relationships move through critical spaces.  (Venus square Saturn, Sun semisquare Saturn, Sun biquintile Juno)

Wednesday, March 4
Relationships continue to move through problem areas, now being more determined on resolution and spaces for communications are cleared.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Mercury sextile Venus, Moon opposite Mars, Mercury conjunct Regulus star)

Thursday, March 5
Feelings and emotions deliver power for success and change, strive for conscientiousness.  (Venus tridecile Mars, Moon opposite Jupiter and Pluto)

Friday, March 6
Early morning seriousness, which for some people can mean obsessiveness.  Jupiter aspecting Castor star in Gemini can still deliver excitement and wonder nevertheless.  (Moon opposite Saturn)

Saturday, March 7
Relaxation may be a problem.  Maybe focus and corral energies for strategic outcomes, even if it’s 1 am.  People and situations seem particularly delightful and inspiring, regardless of their actual viability.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, March 8
Daylight Savings Time
Spring forward!  That hour lost will come back late in the fall.  Do we really need to “borrow” an extra hour of daylight?  Why is there “never enough” time?  I think we need to rethink this tradition, like many “itions-isms” we have.  Anyway, it’s the full moon coming up in alignment with Neptune, from that we’ll already be discombulated enough, along with the usual “adjustments” that occur when ever we “gain” or “lose” an hour.  In other areas today, relationship developments may help us stay in the NOW anyway.  Take advantage of a weird time, maybe some thing magical will happen.  (Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun quincunx Juno, Sun semisquare Uranus, Mars opposite Sirius star)

Monday, March 9
Full Moon
Mercury Stationary Direct
Perspective clicks into view, excellent time to run with it, in spite of or thanks to all of the “woo woo” of the last day or so. 

Tuesday, March 10
Unexpected developments challenge the equilibrium of mind, but very likely for its betterment.  Fortune favors the bold, as they say.   (Mars tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, March 11
Opportunities to shine.  Why squander good fortune just for oneself, abundance is limitless to help all.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Spica/Arcturus stars)

Thursday, March 12
Feelings, sensitivity and love are accentuated.  (Sun enters sidereal Pisces, Moon opposite Venus)

Friday, March 13
Passionate interactions, competitiveness, tests of strength.  (Mars square Juno)

Saturday, March 14
Friendliness and the best life has to offer can create memorable occasions. (Venus tridecile Jupiter, Sun sextile Pluto)

Sunday, March 15
Later in the day the Moon enters sidereal Sagittarius.  Open mindedness and adventurousness are enhanced. 

Monday, March 16
Last Quarter Moon
Boldness delivers powerful messages.  Subtlety, not crudity, is called for.  (Venus tridecile Pluto, Mercury opposite Regulus star)

Tuesday, March 17
St. Patrick’s Day
No peaking influences

Wednesday, March 18
As the Moon connects with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto today, we may be getting a good idea of things to come.  Realization, reality, and resolution. 

Thursday, March 19
Over the next 24 hours Mars and Jupiter join up and cross over into sidereal Capricorn, joining up with Saturn and Pluto in that sign.  Many things coming together and actions taken. 

Friday, March 20
Venus at Perihelion
Vernal Equinox 03:50 am GMT
One day of perfect equality between night and day. Spring comes to the Northern Hemisphere, autumn to the Southern Hemisphere.
Venus is closest to the Sun today: relationships, love and emotional perspectives are highlighted; chose the highest sentiments for all.  Ideals and motivation take action, don’t hold back.  (Mars conjunct Jupiter)

Saturday, March 21
Relationships embark upon real terms, therefore assessments, compromises and sacrifices are necessary.  (Venus tridecile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Formalhaut star)

Sunday, March 22
Sublimity, inspiration and beauty moves the soul.  Outlook to the future with reason.  (Mercury sextile Uranus, Moon conjunct Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune)

Monday, March 23
Massive motivation for massive tasks.  Focus and direct will for highest and best gains, not for base gratification.  (Mars conjunct Pluto)

Tuesday, March 24
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
New Moon
Thoughts, discussions and realizations are highlighted. Inspirational brilliance. 

Wednesday, March 25
Progress in love.  Outstanding achievements and great delivery.  (Moon opposite Juno, Venus biquintile Juno, Sun quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, March 26
Penetrating and powerful messaging to rouse life in sleeping situations.  Avoid presumptuousness  and pretentiousness, just get on with it.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Juno, Moon conjunct Uranus, Sun quintile Pluto)

Friday, March 27
Mercury at Aphelion
Power of ideas, discussions and investigations, which, even if they go awry, can help you to see things which you may not have before.  Nevertheless, cordiality and delight are strong.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto, Venus trine Pluto)

Saturday, March 28
Strong feelings of love help keep things from becoming too much in the head. Moments of intensity.  (Moon conjunct Venus trine Pluto, Moon conjunct Pleiades stars)

Sunday, March 29
Moon on the Eye of the Bull Aldebaran and opposite the Heart of the Scorpion Antares enhances good fortune and insight. 

Monday, March 30
Deep emotional and relationship forces at work to help move life along, some surprising and/or shocking.  (Venus on Algol star, Mercury quincunx Juno)

Tuesday, March 31
Thwarted desires, plans, and momentum.  Don’t back down, Saturn tests your courage and resolve; but don’t just try to power your way through, only to get hurt or worse in the process.  Attenuate, focus, and apply your energies to success.  (Mars conjunct Saturn)