July 2019: Increasingly Larger Playpens

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Predictions This Week

July 2019 looks much like June 2019; a lot of planets lining up with Saturn and Ketu.  There is a coming together of people and situations, but there may not be resultant happiness therein, at least not until down the road some.

Things take time, and it seems like we can push time, people and situations along; but time will defy the most obstinately intentioned of us nevertheless. 

The little playpen that we occupy, stuck in time and space in soft little, weak bodies, pretty much defines how life will be.  Of course, our parents have much more say in our lives. 

Yet our parents themselves are limited, corralled and seemingly thwarted.  The “growing up” part of things is where we no longer try to resist and defy that greater power over us, being able to work and thrive in increasingly larger playpens. 

The Bible speaks to us of that “Kingdom of Heaven” where only a little child can enter in; but I tend to think that the more we can let go of the desire/need to have, control, or be happy the more we will have, control and happier we will be.  That is pretty much the life of a child, happiness is just in them and they worry not and want nothing; even though we know that many children live cold barren lives on Earth today. 

So, right now with the South Node (called Ketu in Vedic Astrology) in very close conjunction with Saturn this summer (winter for those who live down under) we may tend to feel that something could be better, or that we’re unnecessarily yoked to something, or that we can feel woefully inadequate to some task.  We sense and feel the negatives acutely, but maybe we need just to learn to feel happy, safe and up for the tasks of the day. 

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, is another line from the Bible.  They are many battles to win right under our noses, then those larger ones which we seem to long for.  Sometimes we should be so grateful for being denied some things, because in truth we would screw them up so, so bad, and we know it.  So, live for the day, you’re going to be occupied enough. 

On July 2, there will be a powerful eclipse of the Sun.  On that day in some part of the world the day may seem a little darker than it should be, and we may all feel somewhat weaker not feeling that level of flow of power that we get from the Sun, and some anxieties therefore may arise. 

The Sun, Moon and Saturn will be in tight alignment, with Venus not far away.  Mercury will be stationing in the same degree as Mars over the period from July 7 to 9th.  I feel shifts occurring.  Do you? 

Change can be scary, like we’re wandering in a dark forest alone.  If everything were clearly illuminated by the light how could we ever develop our intuition, which will be the key to success many times down the road for us. 

Not long after that Mars makes exact square to Uranus on July 11, giving us a little more fire under our toes, some urgency and need for heroic innovativeness. 

The Lunar eclipse of July 16 will be in very tight alignment with Pluto, Saturn, and Venus.  Emotional depths add to the capacity for richness in life.  While life seeks to give us altitude, it also gives us depth and breadth

When I see planets like this facing each other across the sky, invariably relationships are highlighted, and not necessarily happy or successful ones, but for a time people and situations have been drawn together, maybe to pick up again at some later time.

On July 31, Mercury returns to forward motion, less now on the subjectivity and bias, more on the objectivity and clarity once again for us. 

Monday, July 1
Later afternoon, US time, the Moon and Venus will be conjunct, allowing for great tenderness, sensitivity and beauty into our lives.  (4:48 pm CDT)

Tuesday, July 2
Total Solar Eclipse
In the Western Hemisphere the day may take on a darker cast temporarily.  Don’t worry, it’s just the shadow of the Moon moving across the Earth body, things are in such tight alignment, and things may seem a little strange.  (Eclipse 2:16 pm CDT)

Wednesday, July 3
Mid-morning European time zones, the Moon moves into opposition with Saturn; a somber tone may ensue, which some may experience anxiety about.  For others, a profound sense of legitimacy, sincerity or solemnity may result.  Later on, as it aspects Pluto, thoughts and feelings may turn deeper; stay poised.  Moon aspects Saturn 2:01 am and aspects Pluto 9:24 am CDT)

Thursday, July 4, Independence Day USA
Earth at Aphelion
Early on, as the US celebrates it’s birthday, the Moon passes directly over Mercury and Mars.  Turn the dial up, put more volume through those speakers.  Cockiness may result, a condition of which can  be utilized for good or for ill.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars on fixed star Altair)

Friday, July 5
Moon at Perigee
The Moon at it’s closes pass to the Earth’s surface also passes over Regulus, the Heart of the Lion star in sidereal Leo.  Daring and ferocity. 

Saturday, July 6
The Sun is at the degree of Sirius, called the dog star in ancient Egypt (Canis Majoris); while others in this day call it the God star (flipping the d and g).  Authority, honor, and truth seem to be associated with passions arising at this time. 

Sunday, July 7
Mercury Stationary Retrograde and at Aphelion
Oh, the fun begins, Mercury is at peculiarly significant nodes in its orbit: farthest from the Sun, stationary and conjunct Mars.  Keep grounded, safe and balanced during this possibly frantic time.  Strangeness and meanness may emerge, action lack honor and the pitchforks and hanging rope may make an unwelcome appearance also.  Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune early on)

Monday, July 8
While the dust may not have yet settled, relationship mischief may be afoot, as well as recklessness in general.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun quincunx Jupiter, Venus tridecile Neptune, Venus sextile Uranus)

Tuesday, July 9
First quarter moon
Saturn at Opposition
The Sun, Moon, Saturn and the Nodes are very tightly aligned right now.  Important stuff happening. What may seem daunting needs to be done, or else who knows when opportunities like this will arise again?  (Sun conjunct North Node, Sun opposite Saturn, Moon square Saturn 6:21 am CDT)

Wednesday, July 10
Spontaneous creativity can open the heart, helping you to rise above the fray.  (Sun quintile Uranus, Moon opposite Uranus 3:20 pm CDT, Sun trine Neptune)

Thursday, July 11
Tensions seem to move into super-critical territory.  Keep calm and move with assurance that the right thing will happen at the right time. (Mars square Uranus)

Friday, July 12
Perceptions may be distorted, biased.  Intensity may occupy an hour or two of your day.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Moon conjunct Pleiades 10:30 am CDT)

Saturday, July 13
Joy and uplift give magic to the day.  (Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:10 pm CDT)

Sunday, July 14
Powerful initiatives may deliver amazing and profound results. Beware grandiosity that merely seeks to compensate for some self-perceived character deficiency. (Sun opposite Pluto, Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, July 15
The Moon, Venus and the star Sirius align today, bringing special delight to life, love, and relationships. 

Tuesday, July 16
Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon
Eclipse bullseye today as the Moon temporarily loses light while conjunct Saturn and is only one degree away from exact opposition to Venus, and Pluto is close by also.  Emotional depth and possible relationship developments.  Some relationships may blow up, others may go on a difficult and possibly strange journey, never to be the same at the conclusion of said journey. 

Wednesday, July 17
Hard lessons in love.  Real love exacts a price, and other seemingly less-difficult relationship paths may have stinging ends.  The Moon aspecting Mercury early morning US time, can open communication pathways, insights and revelations.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Venus conjunct North Node)

Thurs-Fri-Saturday, July 18, 19, 20
Perhaps more levity and cheer over these next few days.  Some friendships and relationships will prosper.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, July 21
Moon at Apogee (farthest from Earth)
Mercury Inferior Conjunction
Emotions heavy with relevance, but discernment between the higher and lower forms of relationships will be necessary.  Perpetuate the same, or dare to interact in different and better ways. Proceeding with plans may be fraught with challenge.  (Venus opposite pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mars biquintile Neptune)

Monday, July 22
Audacity and bluster; fortune favors the bold.  Yet fortune may be fickle. Exciting connections. (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Juno trine Jupiter)

Tuesday, July 23
As the Moon makes 90-degree aspect to Saturn during the early afternoon (US time) frustrations may arise, relationships may be strained; but in the straining you may find great personal development. 

Wednesday, July 24
Delightful, but somewhat restrained relationship spaces today help us to rise above smaller, needier emotional habits.  Mid-morning, European time, life may take on special dimensions, as the Moon opposes stars Spica and Arcturus. (Mercury conjunct Venus, Juno quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, July 25
Last quarter moon
Adventurous impulses expand within.  As Louis Pasteur once said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind”.  Around Noon European time genius may strike as the Moon conjuncts Uranus. (Mars trine Jupiter)

Friday, July 26
Tension may block joy, controlled release is called for.  Be circumspect, be tactful, patient and focused.  Activities like sustained focused physical labor and exercise may be called for. Redirect anger into motivated reform.  (Mars quincunx Saturn, Moon conjunct star Algol around 7 pm US time)

Saturday, July 27
Early morning European time, the Moon conjuncts the glittering Pleiades in the sky, which may be intense but especially developmental for all.  Later, about 8 pm US time, the Moon activates the Aldebaran/Antares axis of Taurus/Scorpio; activating some equally special spaces. 

Sunday, July 28
Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
Early morning US time, the Moon aspects Jupiter and Saturn, bringing inspiration, but also tempering realism. 

Monday, July 29
Tolerance for injustice, inequality and abuse acutely low.  Expect some idols to fall, some natives to be restless.  Don’t let anyone dictate to you what your genius is.  (Sun square Uranus)

Tuesday, July 30
Confusion and muddled motivations can cause havok.  Stay focused, don’t re-animate dysfunction even though you feel you “have to”.  A profound epiphany is immanent. (Mars quincunx Neptune, Moon opposite Pluto and conjunct Mercury)

Wednesday, July 31
Mercury Stationary Direct
New Moon
Clarity reasserts itself.  Act with renewed perspective. 

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