Final Words on Anger: A Spiritual Coda on the Subject

by | Jul 23, 2003 | Astrology, Esoteric

Anger, according to the symbols of astrology is represented by the planet Mars, and its connection by rulership to the signs Aries and Scorpio.  I have said that wherever I see this planet or signs in the chart I can almost without fail see the roots of anger, conflict, and sense of helplessness causing misfortunes in a person’s life: career, health, relationships, spiritual matters, and other areas.

Mars is labeled a malefic, or “bringer of evil”.  Maybe in modern parlance we can call Mars (along with the other malefics the Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Nodes) bringers of “misfortune”.  So are these planets just bad to the bone, having no intrinsic virtue to them?  Is there any hope or consciousness of light that can issue from them?

Let’s focus on Mars and the emotion of anger.  In The Hulk movie I showed how anger is the direct result of oppression acting on a predisposition of consciousness to feel helplessness.  Helplessness stems from a basic negation of or disbelief in the powers of the self.

There would seem to be a hidden agenda behind entertaining the notion of helplessness: one can get what he or she needs by being seen as the victim.  Being the victim of a situation seems to be a way to passively, surreptitiously, or underhandedly be in actual control of a situation: through the manipulation of sympathy, a sense of self-esteem (albeit negative self-esteem) is sustained.

Being the victim is a denial of the virtual all-power of the soul and spirit of an individual; who is really made in the image of his most amazing Creator.  Human anger then, would issue from the ego (or sense of individuality that is separate, small, and apart of God) trying to struggle through the vicissitudes of a cruel universe.

Mars then as an astrological energy in its pure pristine essence, free from the imperfect utilization by the human ego, would seem to be a representation of the dynamism of the universe and the volatility of desire, which needs to be continually modulated or controlled.  In esoteric teachings on astrology Aries (ruled by Mars) represents the quality of God-control.

Now getting back to the example in the Hulk movie about oppression acting on a predisposition to feel helpless; instead of poor Bruce Banner being assaulted by bullies; lets put Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, Buddha, or some other saintly figure in his place.  How do they then react?

Jesus, as he was being nailed to the cross said, “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”  Did Jesus harbor a little resentment against having this hardship being placed on him…by God?  In the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest he said (knowing what was coming up), “Father, if thou wilt take this cup from me; nevertheless not my will but Thine be done”.

Jesus distinguished himself as the Christ by giving up any ownership of the idea of what was his, or what should happen to him; or even his ideas about what personal comfort is.  He let it all go to rest eternally in the Presence of God and let that Divine Providence then decree what will happen and where he will go.

If Jesus had an ego it would not have been so quiet, nor would he have then passed his initiation and assumed a Godly sort of consciousness and POWER.  God-power I think is unique because it is not sporadic or extreme in its output; it is very steady and seems to emanate powerfully from a center of infinite peace.

People with Mars, Aries, or Scorpio prominent in their chart are nearly always characterized by being impulsive, volatile, and rather chaotic in their expression at times; they express the imperfect, muddied, and reactionary lesser form of the energy.  Jesus and those of advanced spiritual mastery express a steady, controlled, and peace-commanding outgoing energy.

How do spiritually advanced individuals deal with oppression, adversity, or misfortune?  For one thing, they have no ego with which to be “offended”, there is no need to retaliate in kind.  No sense of helplessness would cause them to fall into crippling anxieties, senses of hopelessness or depression, or wild reactionary railings against some invisible force, “fate”, or deity; they would receive the blows as some lesson of their own areas of vulnerability; and they would seek to create some masterful, calm, and brilliant solution to their situation.

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, the God-controlled soul thereby creates the very vehicle to ascend up the ladder of consciousness.

“Having no ego” is perhaps not entirely so, these spiritually advanced souls have forged a divine ego, or Christ Consciousness, an identity made up entirely of principles of eternal truth and is therefore perfect, incorrupt, and not subject to destruction or decay.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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