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Trump 2.0: Announces 2nd Presidential Run

This is a different Trump, version 2.0; but we’ll see if former version comes back.  Trump the incumbent in 2024 will be much different from the outsider firebrand of 2016.

Aaron Rodgers: A Tough Year and Looking Ahead

Actually, this not-so-satisfying (so to speak) phase of his life was very clearly foretold in his astrology, and most clearly in his Vedic astrology, which I’ll be highlighting here, demonstrating how powerful and helpful the system can be.

Rittenhouse Shootings in Kenosha Analysis by Astrology

One could say there was a lot of animosity and its potential escalations in force that day, especially with the Sun in Leo aspecting Jupiter in Sagittarius tending to blow things out of proportion.

Aaron Rodgers Astrology: A Renegade Outlier Under Fire – COVID-19

Vedic Astrology of Aaron Rodgers and Vaccination Controversy Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers star quarterback, winner of numerous MVP awards and championships, his star has seemingly faded a bit in recent days from backlash over refusing vaccination for COVID-19...
Astrology of Prince: His Life

Astrology of Prince: His Life

Prince’s horoscope reflects his successful, flamboyant, and artistic life. Libra rising is concerned with art, tone, color and many other conditions to create certain desired effects, mainly for peace and everybody getting along with each other. With Prince’s ascendant disposed by Venus in Aries in his chart, there is an aggressive, passionate and independent emphasis in his intentions; not to mention a pronounced sexuality.