Johnny Cash: Life of an Artist

by | Apr 11, 2006 | Celebrities

"I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire —
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire…."

These were the words of June Carter Cash as she described her great love for singer Johnny Cash. If you see the movie Walk The Line with Joachim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (which I recommend) you'll get a picture of the tumultuous life of Johnny Cash. Johnny was indeed a sensitive artist and he had to pay a dear price in order to tap into the depths of his soul and produce music that has moved fans the world around.

This is not to say that artists must live lives of self-destructive abandon as a matter of course; but that the authorship of our souls requires some humility-generating experiences to produce the desired effect. Johnny Cash was a Piscean with his ascendant, along with sensitive Venus in its exaltation in that same sign/house.

(Chart is at bottom of page)

Pisceans can have trouble separating themselves out of the murkiness of their surrounding environment. His symbol of strength, the Sun was in a very bad state, relegated to a retiring and problematical area of this chart the twelfth house. Johnny Cash indeed had a very tenuous sense of self-esteem as symbolized by these planets; and he therefore attracted into his life a very stern and critical father who would remind him on a continuous basis of how inadequate he was.

Death of His Brother Jack and Spirituality 

Secondly he, he had a brother named Jack that he looked up to; smart, kind, and spiritual. But one day working with his brother in a woodshop at a large circular saw, he decided to take off and go fishing. It was then while Johnny (called simply JR at that time with no first or middle name given to him) was away that his brother was critically injured being cut almost in half by that same saw. He died a week later, claiming to see angels.

Johnny never forgave himself for his apparent dereliction of duty. The planetary ruler for Johnny for siblings is a very strong Venus in Pisces. What is obvious is that for Johnny at one point in his life he had to make a very strong and profound Piscean letting go of his brother. Further Johnny Cash claimed many times to see his brother Jack in his dreams at night, so there was a very strong spiritual and visionary (both Piscean qualities) aspects of his life connected to his brother. Maybe the fact that he felt such guilt, egged on my his critical father, helped to facilitate the great changes that Johnny had to undergo in this life and emotionally drove his music which touched the hearts of so many fans.

Fame, Success, and Marriage 

Johnny was a musician with his Libra Moon that always sought to find balance through rhythm, note, and song. A very strong Jupiter ten houses from his Moon helped insure his great success in life. An equally strong Saturn four houses from his Moon insured also that difficulties would be found in his home life and that he arose from a harsh and un-yielding early life atmosphere.

The South Node (Ketu) in the seventh house and the seventh house ruler falling in the misfortunate twelfth house did not make marriage a picnic for him. It seemed his first wife was never satisfied with him, and that it was a very hard and persevering courting of his second wife, June Carter Cash. In one of the last scenes of the Walk the Line movie this point is very dramatically driven home, but you'll love it if you see it.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction of course is a classic Piscean signature, and Johnny having the aggressive North Node (Rahu) in the first house is going to push him to feel the need to escape the mundanities of ordinary life through substances; but it is also going to make him very sensitive and visionary. In 1988 during a heart bypass operation Cash claimed to have had a near death experience with visions of Heaven that were so beautiful that he was angry that he had to come back.

Johnny Cash also read in one of his final appearances a statement he prepared just prior to coming on stage, that his already deceased June Carter Cash wife was watching over him and had just visited him that day. He gave a rendition of Ring of Fire which he barely got through.

His Life as an Artist and Beyond 

Having three planets in his twelfth house of illusion, delusion, but also of inspiration and creativity helped to solidify his position as a powerful and influential artist; but wasn't going to be an easy ride. Like most all successful artists, he converted his pain into heart-touching passion and moved a world.

A well-placed Jupiter in the beneficial fifth house of his chart gave him a lot of public acclaim and love, it also gave him financial security, and it certainly broadened his outlook on life. In his later years he became a born-again Christian, and contributed much time and effort towards the cause of American Indians, convicts, and television and film work. Cash's Sun falls in humanistic Aquarius.

Even though Johnny Cash is now gone from us in that body and persona, his name and fame carry on. In January 2006 his astrology entered an extremely positive and exalted Venus major/Jupiter minor vimshottari dasa period until September 2008; this coincides roughly with the release of the Walk the Line movie. It would appear that the media buzz about his name and record sales is not going to abate soon.

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