Martha Stewart Pt 1: Her Karma, Her Future

by | Jan 29, 2006 | Celebrities

Martha Stewart, food/home crafts/interior decorating media-mogul; known as much by her reputation to run roughshod over others, as her tendency to be an energetic go-getter; has been in under fire lately by government officials for possible insider trading with her large holdings of ImClone stock, just prior to a precipitous drop in its price. 

An examination of her astrological chart, can show the power of astrology to illumine the inner workings of our lives and how it can help us to make important life decisions. 

Who is Martha Stewart?
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Martha is a Libra, the sign on her ascendant; she is into the creation of beautiful and harmonious environments.  Martha’s makeup is to set up relationships, and she is a natural moderator and diplomat; this part of her character is eclipsed by her more "ruthless" reputation. 

The lord of her ascendant, Venus, is in Leo in the 11th house, giving her a queenly sort of demeanor, possibly vain and seeking to be the center of attention (which is a almost a prerequisite to being a celebrity).  Venus’ aspect to Jupiter in Taurus accentuates the extravagant and high lifestyle that she portrays. 

Martha’s Moon, another strong indicator, is in Sagittarius in the 3rd house.  Martha’s basic framework is a restless enthusiasm; she has a seeming eternal optimism, which is essential to success. 

Martha’s Sun, where she “shines”, is in domestic and homey Cancer.  Martha obviously considers it her mission to show others how to create warm and inviting home environments.  Martha has three planets in Cancer (four counting the Midheaven), giving her a very strong focus in that sign. 

Martha’s Sun is extremely strong; it has a very high shad bala (a Vedic astrological planetary strength measuring system), and it falls in the 10th house, a very prominent position.  Consequently Martha would have a very strong, if not dominating, personality.  Martha’s Sun is conjunct Pluto; persons with the Sun conjunct Pluto tend to be controlling and manipulative.  Sun/Pluto connections also tend to make one obsessive and secretive. 

Martha Stewart’s chart is a veritable wellspring of dynamic and fortuitous energy: her very strong Sun is connected by trine and sextile to Mars and Jupiter, both of which themselves are very strong by shad bala measurements. 

Martha’s Reputation
(see chart)

Martha’s Moon is in the nakshatra* of Mula, which is supposed to be the most difficult placement for the Moon for a person to have.  Mula is ruled by Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction.  According to Vedic philosophy, Kali is the symbolical feminine deity with the “wrathful” aspect, prodding the soul to the renunciation of worldly glories to spiritual redemption.  Martha, on the way to eventual reunion with God, may find herself sometimes tempted to do “bad” things. 

Martha also has a strong concentration of planets in her 8th house.  The 8th house is the place of ultimate death and resurrection, it is very murky and exudes a strong magnetic fascination on individuals.  The 8th house also has connections to high finance and the secret ways of the rich and powerful in the world. 

The weight of 3 planets in Martha’s 8th house also makes the temptation (or the compulsion) to do “bad” things or to beguile others much harder to resist. 

The downside, of course, to beguiling others or misusing power is the inevitable skeletons coming out of the closet, the fall, and even going KA-BOOM. 

More Secretiveness, Deception, and Hostility
(see chart)

Martha’s Rahu (North Node) in the 12th house, conjunct Neptune, gives a propensity to be deceptive, and/or to work with or be undermined by secretive associates. 

Ketu (South Node) conjunct Mars in Pisces in the 6th house denotes a clear aggressiveness in the work sphere, but also a call spiritually to serve without expectation of recompense. 

For the soul that is enrapt in the ambitions of worldly priorities, Ketu will drag that soul  screaming and kicking to the monastery.  If one does not have a strong tendency already to meditate and spiritually immolate oneself, then Ketu’s effects are indeed “hard”. 

Some day, however, the stars say Martha will “come clean”. 

Problems with Partners
(see chart)

As a Libra, Martha’s prerogative is to form partnerships; however, Martha has not had good experiences with partners in life.  Martha’s legal problems stem from her personal relationship with the CEO of ImClone, allegedly giving her inside information just prior to a major announcement that would adversely affect the stock.  Martha’s previous marriage ended very bitterly. 

Malefic Mars rules Martha’s 7th house, the house of partners.  Mars’ placement in the 6th house of enemies in aspect to the 12th house of secret enemies has a negative influence on partners in her life, and those partners surely will get her into trouble.  Jupiter, as the indicator of marriage and partners in a women’s chart, is judged to be a malefic because of its rulership of the 6th and 3rd houses, and its position in the 8th house.  Jupiter is also conjunct two malefics, Saturn and Uranus. 

Both in the ImClone affair and her marriage, we can see that her relationship astrology outplays itself clearly. 

Martha’s Endgame
(see chart)

Martha’s chart epitomizes worldly success at the cost of dis-honoring spiritual sets of values.  With her strengths she chose to be domineering.  When she had great penetrating vision, she chose to be (allegedly) secretive and manipulative.  When she could have been spiritual and compassionate, she chose to be (allegedly) deceptive.  Who knows?  Maybe she will emerge from the fires of contention re-made like a ethereal Libran phoenix, indeed a spiritual figure. 

Is Martha innocent of the charges of insider trading?  We wouldn’t know, of course.  Martha’s chart however does corroborate the character of one who COULD engage in such (underhanded) behavior. 

My purpose in writing this article is not to cast blame or blemish her character, but to show how astrology makes things clear from a material and spiritual perspective and shows a way of success and redemption. 

Martha Stewart’s Future?

What is going to happen to Martha?  Will there be a long battle ahead?  Will she be acquitted?  What does the stars foretell for her future?  You may be surprised. 

*Nakshatras are a Vedic subtle zodiac, used also for predictive purposes.  

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