Angelina Jolie, Pt I: Her Life and Character

by | Apr 9, 2006 | Celebrities

Love for the forsaken children of the world; the dark reflection of the sins of the father. Can there be a more fascinating personality in the public spotlight? How will the world ultimately remember her by?

Angelina Jolie has been making headlines from movie box offices successes, to promoting the cause of children worldwide, to being the “other woman” with Brad Pitt supposedly undermining his marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

If one does research on her, one will find that she reportedly is fascinated by knives and weapons, and that she seems to like having the blood of her spouses on her body (her first husband’s name in his blood on her wedding shirt, and wearing the blood of her husband Billy Bob Thornton in a vial around her neck). She has a very eclectic collection of tattoos all over her body. What did the stars say at the moment of her birth?

A look at her chart (Vedic style, June 4, 1975, 9:09 am, Los Angeles, CA) is quite interesting. There is a very powerful Venus just cresting the horizon in the Ascendant in Cancer. Cancer is very visionary, and with Venus there for Angelina it is quite alluring.

Hollywood Charisma

Further the Moon (connected to her Venus by dispositorship) is itself in the visionary sign of Pisces along with both Mars and Jupiter. This combination giving a necessary Hollywood-style ability to embody the publics hopes, dreams, and fantasies; is also very compassionate and giving of oneself without expectation of reward.

Right away I am tempted to say Angelina will ultimately be more well-known by her humanitarian endeavors than her box office movie persona. This is also corroborated by her Sun in the successful and affluent eleventh house conjunct ascetic and anti-materialistic Ketu (Moon’s South Node).

We’re however brought right back to the glittering sexiness, fascination with knives/blood, and magnetic attraction she has with her North Node in Scorpio in the fifth house. This Scorpio Node makes Vedic trines to both her strong Venus and well-dignified Mars and Jupiter in Pisces in the ninth house. Altogether this is a very strong, successful, charming, and compassionate-service oriented chart. (She claims to give one third of her income to charitable institutions.)

The North Node in the fifth house also indicates a very strong impetus to be an advocate for children, and possibly to be involved in politics in some way.

Relationships, Sins of the Father…..

When we look at the astrology of males, partners, and the father in her chart there is certainly more interesting things to comment on:

According the Angelina has had a very estranged relationship with her father, the actor Jon Voigt. Voigt himself admitted that he cheated on his wife (Angelina’s mother) when they were married. Angelina herself had said that she “could not look at herself in the mirror” if she had an affair with a married man.

Apparently that is precisely what she did however, when she became the “other woman” that broke up the marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Patterns in the family are very hard to break, forcefully trying to repress those tendencies would not seem to do any good; but it may insure their manifestation all the more.

Having a strongly occupied ninth house indicates a strong father influence; more than she may like to admit. Those planet in her ninth house are the “opportunistic” Mars and Jupiter, plus a boundary-deficient Moon in Pisces; so the idea of inappropriateness having to do with males in general is something that Jolie has to deal with.

Regarding partners and spouses in general her seventh house ruler is Saturn, which would indicate potential pathological issues with regards to spouses and marriage. Presumably as Angelina gets older and more mature her relationship life will become more sedate. Further Angelina’s Saturn falls in the secretive and self-delusional (for the spouse) twelfth house. Her Saturn however is conjunct the twelfth house ruler, which helps to promote the idea that her husband or partner can be of genuine desire to help others.

If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do marry it could be in September 2006 as Angelina enters a Saturn sub-dasa. In part 2 of this article (to come soon) I’ll be examining the subtler dynamics of their relationship, and maybe bring up a surprising development or two.




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