Jerry Falwell Goes to Heaven

by | May 20, 2007 | Celebrities

 Jerry Falwell's Worst Nightmare

We you “exit” you get a life-review, as it were.  Jerry Falwell was a man whom many people trusted to deliver the unvarnished spiritual truth that would be for the salvation of their souls.  But basically his message was one of….

Jerry Falwell as a man of absolute convictions that seem to allow no middle ground; i.e. you are either going to Heaven or Hell and that’s it, you are only good if you follow an upright, moral lifestyle as outlined the Bible, and the Bible is the absolute Word of God; has appropriately a very severe, aggressive, and confrontational chart. 


I do not have the exact birthtime of Jerry Falwell, but Vedic astrology allows the use of the Moon as an alternate ascendant; the use of which here brings out startlingly powerful information. 

In Jerry Falwell’s case his Moon falls in the aggressive, pioneering, and zealous sign of Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars, which therefore has sway over Falwell’s Moon and makes him rather assertive in nature.  This is doubly so by the fact that Falwell’s Mars is very strong in the sign of its rulership, Scorpio.  Mars in Scorpio denotes an individual who is a very tenacious fighter. 

Falwell’s Sun falls in nurturing and protective Cancer, which of course needs to be present in someone who “guards over the flock.”  He is concerned with creating a warm, loving, and wholesome environment for people to thrive in.  Those who were close to him relate to his friendliness, sense of humor, and concern for others.  He also can be very patriotic, connected to a sense of nationalism and the land.  Some people would call these “conservative” issues. 

Falwell was instrumental in bringing about the Moral Majority in the 70’s and Liberty University both of which intended to bring about “wholesome” political climate and educational environment. 

The navamsa position of his Sun falls in sensitive, visionary, and spiritual Pisces; which would certainly corroborate his spiritual/religious life emphasis.  His Sun would be considered to be very strong in a number of ways, one of which would be it being in rather strong aspect to a very powerful Saturn in his chart.  A second indication of Falwell’s commanding presence is his Sun in an angular position from the Moon. 


Saturn in Falwell’s chart is also in the tenth house from the Moon, which is considered to be another indicator of power and authority in life.  That is, this strong Saturn puts him in the position of one who dominates, controls, and rules the situation.  With such a strong Saturn I would also expect such a person to be unyielding, intimidating, and rather harsh in his judgments of self and others. 

Typically Saturn in the tenth would therefore indicate some sort of “fall” in the public life also.  Maybe in Falwell’s case we can connect this to his adverse reputation in socially liberal circles, and general derision from being regarded as of the “old guard” rigidly adhering to principles of an older time that are not necessarily progressive, open minded, or compassionate. 


The fact that there was no significant “fall” in his public life can be attributed to the powerful good-dignity of his Saturn and a trine it receives from Jupiter in his chart.  The Sun in his chart also gives him “raja yoga” (ability to be king), as applied to the Moon ascendant, and therefore a certain guarantee of overall success in life. 

The North Node (Rahu) in Aquarius in the eleventh house also gives him a good amount of luck, success, and wealth at his disposal; especially so if it’s dispositor is well placed itself, which is the case with his strong Saturn disposing his Rahu. 

The Aquarius position of Rahu points to a decidedly strong social orientation to his life, helping promote concerted group action to modify, enhance, or control the greater good. 

Since this article will not focus on an in-depth analysis of his birthchart and his recent death; I would like however to focus on a few key points.  Right at this time of his death, transiting Saturn was right over his natal Sun in Cancer. 

We you “exit” you get a life-review, as it were.  Jerry Falwell was a man whom many people trusted to deliver the unvarnished spiritual truth that would be for the salvation of their souls.  But basically his message was one of exclusionism (only Christians go to heaven, the rest go to Hell forever), personal non-divinity (you are miserable sinner and only one man, Jesus, can save you; and you are nothing like him), and your faith is all you need to be saved and go to heaven (that “karma stuff” is nonsense and you have no responsibility to the deeds you did in the past). 

So if Satan himself wanted to create a doctrine, would he find one like the Christian-evangelicalism of Jerry Falwell to be pretty suited to his purposes?  It has the trappings of spirituality but it subtly denies your and my ability to directly connect to the Universal Divine presence and create our own miracles right here and now. 

So now Saturn the great tester and reviewer of life accomplishments is now right over Jerry Falwell’s nurturing Cancer Sun, which is also in the navamsa of spiritual Pisces.  Right now in some other plane do you think the soul of Jerry Falwell is thinking he could have done it all differently now? 

I think it is safe to say Jerry Falwell is a different sort of animal.  Only a certain sort of individual will consciously choose to create, vilify, and demonize a subset of the populace and blame them for all the sufferings of the world.  It divides the populace into warring factions and detracts everybody who buys into the lie from the real issues of the day: that we are all brothers and sisters and fighting is not the answer. 

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