Where There is Life There is Hope Pt 3, The Eternal Fountain of Life and Hope

by | Mar 18, 2002 | Esoteric

Astrology is the algebra of Divine Identity and human karma; its terms of measurement are the integers of the 12 signs of the zodiac; planetary and house denominators; and dignity and aspectual numerators.  I am no longer awed by astrology’s perfection, just as I am no longer awed at the technology of my computer or television set.

We see the drama of life in the earth, and it seems to have no rhyme or reason to it, or any remarkable virtue.  The patterns of events seem negative only because we see through glass darkly.  If we allow our inner eyes to open (a process which takes some time and purification) we begin to see that what is happening is literally a process of the Divine Alchemy of Christly Light and Love in the Earth.

Our times right now are reflected in the juxtaposition of the planetary bodies in the sky: Saturn and Pluto in Taurus/Scorpio; the transits of Mars, and Neptune in Capricorn, and some others not yet covered in this newsletter.  I have repeated the themes of the astrology almost ad nauseum of war, economic troubles, and societal disruption.

Things seem dire, and people will have an urgency that seizes them.  Those whose universe is measured in three score and ten, indeed would have cause for urgency.

Those, however, who see things from a longer perspective, that of the evolution of the soul over the course of many embodiments and the life cycles of civilization, have a little more cause to relax and remember that we can only do what we can do.

If a man can know his limitations; if he concerns himself with his own garden, his own vine and fig tree; justly dealing with those around him; and striving to reflect the great Solar Light and Love of his Creator; the whole world mechanism, moved along by an Unseen Hand, works most effectively.

Jupiter in Cancer

Speaking so much of the alchemy of darkness for so long, let us take up the upcoming transit of Jupiter through Cancer, which will take place in July 2002 for 12 months.
Jupiter in Cancer is in a very high state of dignity called exaltation; and Jupiter, being one of the brightest stars in the heavens, here reflects the idea of an abundance of generosity, warmth, and security.

Jupiter therefore moves into aspect to Neptune in Capricorn (spoken of last issue).  An aspect simply means that the energies of the respective planet combine.  Jupiter, so well placed, has an opportunity to bolster up Neptune which is rather weak in Capricorn; and possibly create conditions conducive to an actual renaissance of consciousness planetarily—if only for about a year or so.

The type of renaissance of consciousness I am speaking about is an idealized but workable spirituality.  Instead of Neptune in Capricorn inciting an escapist form of capitalism/materialism, the influence of Jupiter pulls it back to reality and nudges things along in the way they should go.

The Divine Mother

The sign Cancer represents the Divine Mother aspect of the Universe.  The Divine Mother represents the abundance of the resources of creation, which she liberally showers upon her children, not the least of which is infinite mercy, healing, and compassion.

Can it be only Divine Mercy that will deliver the good people of the Earth from the dire predictions of nuclear war, and social and economic collapse?  Yes, it will.  Here is the Eternal Fountain of Life and Hope.
For those who do not imitate the practices of Catholic devotees with their rosaries to the Virgin Mary, the Hindu devotions to the Divine Feminine goddesses of Lakshmi, Durga, and Saraswati; or the Oriental obeisances to Kwan Yin; are missing out on the gifts and graces of the most beautiful woman in the whole universe, the Cosmic Virgin/Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is an intervening and healing power that can turn around an individual or a civilization.  While I am still poor in pocket, I am rich in spirit by the Divine Mother’s grace.  In the last six months of my life, my implorations to Her have been responded to in a way that is most amazing.

Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer (in aspect to Neptune in Capricorn) starting in late June of 2002, for 12 months, may manifest as a Divine Intervention of great scale, which we are all certainly due.  Most certainly Jupiter’s transit will signify a strong ethical and spiritual resurgence for all.

Such a process of the spiritualization of planetary consciousness, of course, will be catalyzed along by the assistance of those who know better (and know who they are) to elect to embody that selfsame divinely humble consciousness, even if they are a lone voice in the wilderness, but they will actually be a leaven for the whole loaf.

With that I come full circle, and this ends the final part of the trilogy entitled “Where there is Life, there is Hope”.

April Celestial Events

April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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