Unrest Erupting, but Potential for Beautiful Developments.

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Predictions

Predictions July 16 to 29, 2013

This will be quite a week as a major grand trine forms in the sky and Uranus and Mercury make stations. 

The Zimmerman-Martin verdict is likely to get plenty of attention during this Uranus stationary moment.  Uranus is a planet associated with unrest and what is good for society as a whole, a very collective, but at the same time an individualistic influence.  Uranus despises conformism and the tyranny of the status quo, not so much for the fact that people will fall into sets of archetypical identity patterns, but that the misuse of such patterns can be also used to inhibit and suppress the freedom of expression of individuals within a collective setting. 

So while the media is obviously working overtime to make the Zimmerman-Martin verdict a cause for potential race riots, it remains for the people themselves to determine whether this will be a situation that will erupt into violence.  I should think that if it were Pluto making a station right now, instead of Uranus, there would be more potential for riots, violence. and death. 

Also this week is the amazing grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, which will also have Mars in close conjunction with Jupiter.  Hopefully this grand trine will provide a mitigating and reasoning influence over the other more disrupting station of Uranus. 

Tuesday, July 16
Relationships may take on somber or somewhat strained notes; some may part ways temporarily, others may strongly resolve important issues that block the joyful expression of love.  Creativity and practicality are favored.  (Venus quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, July 17, Uranus Stationary Retrograde
Over the last few days the feeling of dissatisfaction and unrest may have been increasing, which may open the way today for dramatic radical departures from life’s normal rounds.  At the same time a great hope and positive expectancy may help uplift everyone, as Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune form a perfect grand trine over the next few days.  (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune grand trine)

Thursday, July 18
Strong emotions may accompany events and situations today, including romantic ones; performing cathartic and potentially transformative moments.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, July 19
Practical and otherworldly influences come to a harmonious middle-ground, hopeful horizons are possible for those who strive.  (Saturn trine Neptune)

Saturday, July 20, Mercury Stationary Direct
The planet Mercury resumes forward motion again, hopefully signaling clarity and directness in our affairs and actions; it’s the astrological “green light” on all projects, communications, and transactions, which are now less burdened by potential screw ups.  Mars also today makes trine to Saturn and Neptune, adding momentum to our plans and outlooks. 

Sunday, July 21
Motivations and energy may take unusual turns, the tendency to act deceitfully or dishonestly are highlighted. Chronic conditions may flare.  Alternatively, sublime creativity and spirituality are favored, in actions as well as thoughts.  (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Monday, July 22
Enthusiasm may swell, urging us to launch out on bold, new endeavors; a situation best favored for projects already undertaken.  If there is no foundation of hard work previously laid, then this energy will soon pass and you will be back right where you started from.  (Mars conjunct Jupiter, Sun tridecile Uranus)

Tues and Wed, July 23-24
No peaking influences

Thursday, July 25
Action, motivation, and passion in relationships are highlighted.  (Mars biquintile Juno)

Friday, July 26
It is Venus’ turn now to aspect the Saturn/Neptune trine, which may bring relationships info proper focus, helping them to adjust their course.  (Venus opposite Neptune, sextile Saturn)

Saturday, July 27
No need to avoid hard work today, it will come knocking on your door.  Frustrations may be high encountering difficulties.  Cordiality may be in short supply.  However great relief can be obtained today and you will be put face to face with some of your most limiting self-imposed restrictions, because the key to solving all problems is to FIX them.  That is, just doing it, and not shaming and blaming someone else about them: i.e. the economy, your parents, the government, or God.  (Sun square Saturn, Mars opposite Pluto)

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