Triple Eclipses, Powerfully Important?

Triple Eclipse of 2009Right now we are under the influence of not the normal pair of eclipses (one solar, one lunar) that occur twice a year, but three (two lunar, one solar)  during this time of July and August 2009.  This is a somewhat “rare” event, but it happens more times than you might think.

A couple people have been talking to me about this event, and I want to put some perspective on it.  Apparently there was a “rare” triple eclipse right at the start of the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata from ancient Indian history, I read on a website that “both world wars started on triple eclipses”, and other heresay. It is not good to use only one isolated astrological event to explain significant world events, because there is always a multi-layered, complicated underpinning to such things.

I want to propose a reason why a triple eclipse can be so significant:

Most eclipses are partial, only a “corner” gets darkened on either the Sun or Moon, and are not as powerful as total eclipses, except for the fact that things seem rather disorienting for a time while it happens. This is because the lunations (new or full moon) do not occur very closely to the nodal axis; i.e. within a few degrees of proximity.

As I’ve said before, the Nodes in anyone’s chart are very important in their meanings.  You could do a whole chart reading just on the Nodes.  Eclipses are important because basically all four of the most significant personal points are in alignment: the Sun, Moon, North, and South Node; therefore important events or experiences are to follow.

When you have a triple eclipse you have a greater chance of the middle one being very close to the nodal axis and being an actual total eclipse and therefore more powerful.

Is the duration of the eclipse significant?  27 minutes as opposed to 23?  Scientists always need a headline, just like a lot of astrologers do; to me just the fact there is an eclipse (close totality as possible) is significant enough.  I suppose someone with a lot of time on their hands and a love of research could try to correlate eclipse duration to eclipse effect over the course of history.  I have a feeling though that they will find that other astrological factors besided eclipses need to be taken into account.

Just like I have recently written about in Mounting Challenges 2009, there will be an eclipse on January 4, 2011 that looks to be very significant.  However that is so because it is supported by a whole set of other significant factors having to do with the outer planets.  That eclipse is like the “cherry on top”, marking a whole set of amazing configurations.

Hope this helps.


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