Triple Conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Neptune

The news of the week astrologically is that Mercury, Mars and Neptune are coming into close conjunction. As Mars and Neptune are considered to be malefic planets in astrology, their energies blending typically have to do with murky motivations, confused aggression, and different types of frustrations arising from being in the dark about things, such as being victims of secrecy or conspiracy.

Mercury, Mars, Neptune Conjunction February 2013The addition of Mercury to the picture gives added nervous agitation and propagation of these feelings and energy by discussions and other forms of communication avenues. On the upside, of course, the coming together of these planets may also portend bold spiritual initiatives or creativity, and the ability to get out of the heretofore limiting box of human mental paradigms and give intuition full honoring, and to accomplish things truly miraculous.

The loose square of these planets in sidereal Aquarius to Jupiter in sidereal Taurus may give an added element of exaggeration and philosophical blurring of distinctions, which may create a glib arrogance.

The whole spectrum of these manifestations going on inside everyone may help us all to better understand the how and the why of what we do, how we may rationalize our actions, and the integrity of our motivations. As with most aspects between malefic planets, I usually observe an increase of pathological thinking patterns and behaviors in everyone, mishaps and misfortunes in general, and moments of stress. Any aspect to Neptune can also help bring out latent toxicities in our bodies, sudden onset of illnesses or weakness. Neptune helps to bring out our sensitivities on many levels.

Mercury then makes an exact conjunction to Mars on Friday, February 8, which may create moments of stress, alarm and hysteria; but for the adroit few may produce opportunities for verbal and interpersonal assertion, championing truth, as it were.

Monday, Feb 4
Physical weakness may complicate affairs today, as well as and increased predisposition to act less than honorably. In the midst of the most inopportune situations however you may find sublime inspiration, and help to empower you in an otherwise disempowering set of conditions. Alternatively, inspiration may bring out the crusader in you, and maybe subtly wrapping your ego in glory. (Mars conjunct Neptune)

Tuesday, Feb 5
Early on, more so European time zones, an element of pessimism or harshness may affect the outcome of actions and events, but at the same time you may be able to implement the healthy razor of skepticism to help bring things into greater order, practicality, or integrity. Passion and/or zeal may bring people together, allowing us to see how undercurrents of anger can drive aspects of our relationships. (Mercury tridecile Saturn, Mars semisquare Juno)

Wednesday, Feb 6
Perceptions may be strongly affected by expectations, which may have a strong opportunistic, spiritual, or philosophical bent to them. Be careful as to whom and what you choose to clothe with your highest dreams and aspirations with as you connect and relate to them, because they fundamentally may not be fully ready for them. (Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun tridecile Jupiter, Venus trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Feb 7
Early on, communication matters between people may be brought to light, how do couple/partners differently see situations, etc. (Mercury semisquare Juno)

Friday, Feb 8
There may be a few moments of nail-biting urgency or alarm, which may open the door for decisive action or communications. Such moments may seem frightening or unsettling to some, while exhilarating to others. (Mercury conjunct Mars)

Saturday, Feb 9
Be careful of inadvertently stretching, exaggerating or otherwise distorting issues because you feel that bigger and more grandiose is always better. Be wary of something presented as too good to be true, because you may be right. Issues of freedom vs. restriction may cause acute emotional reactions, inciting radical actions; people who you feel are holding you down may get your ire. Important karmic and spiritual connections may come together at critical points. (Mercury square Jupiter, Sun semisquare Uranus, Sun square Nodes)

Sunday, Feb 10
Actions and feelings may become reckless and over-the-top, which usually does not accomplish much in the end. Also the Sun moves into sidereal Aquarius, which everyone may feel as some sort of shift in their affairs. (Mars square Jupiter)

Monday, Feb 11
Early on emotional and relationships issues may seem to hit bumpy spots with not enough “love-warmth” banked in the heart to rise over them. The challenge may be to stay and work things out instead of taking the easy road of separation over what will prove to be smaller issues. (Venus square Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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