Sun Conj Neptune Square Saturn: Late February 2015

by | Feb 22, 2015 | Predictions

Sun Square Saturn, Conjunct Neptune

This configuration deserves it’s own blog post on SWN.

In a somewhat rare instance the Sun will make conjunction to Neptune and make a hard square to Saturn.  Reinhold Ebertin of The Combination of Stellar Influences (one of the best astrology references of the 20th Century) describes its potential effects as: “physical reaction or illness as a consequence of emotional suffering or upsets, lack of vitality, a sensitive physique, a propensity to illness, disease.”

It could be rough few days.  The situation is mitigated somewhat by Venus and Mars making a trine to Saturn at the same time.  Reprinting from my previous blog post, you can get an idea of potential manifestations during this time:

Monday, Feb 23
Monday morning may feel especially drudgery-like. Moods may tend towards crabbiness. Problems and delays may mar the smooth progress of things, yet every delay will bring important issues to light that must be resolved. Be careful of accidents, injuries, or worse. (Sun square Saturn)

Tuesday, Feb 24
Love burns purposefully. Strong bonds can be established. (Venus trine Saturn)

Wednesday, Feb 25
Focused attention can bring about significant change, with willing muscle. However, energy, motivations and thoughts may not fully comply. Strangely contradictory energies. Sublime creativity may combine with diligence to produce profound life developments. Be careful of addictive or pathological tendencies. (Sun conjunct Neptune, Mars trine Saturn)

Here’s how it looks, sidereal and tropical: Late Feb Sun square Saturn, conjunct Neptune

Late Feb Sun square Saturn, conjunct Neptune Tropical

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