Sept 25 to Oct 2: Be Grateful for a Merciful Universe

by | Sep 25, 2006 | Predictions

Mon, Sept 25
Ouch the hot Sun singes our illusions and delusions maybe causing some pain.  The ill consequences of being asleep at the wheel may be brought sharply into focus.  Again be grateful for whatever mercy Heaven gives you today, cutting your finger when you karmically deserve to lose it.  The other major area now is love and painful, but beneficial experiences that we have with others.  Don’t give love unless you expect to be somehow hurt. Pure love inevitably will be stomped on by human insensitivity, derided, and rejected.  Such experiences expand your compassion for others, and purge you of the pollutions of the human ego in regards to your service.  When there is no other alternative except to forgive, then forgiveness grows in you and your soul is awakened.  So-called “pain” may be the only way to reach certain parts of yourself, and people are so afraid of pain, maybe the worst of fears.  As you let go of control and flow through it though its terror is dissolved, and you are somehow renewed, reintegrated, and resurrected to life without end.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, semisquare Jupiter; Venus conjunct South Node, square Pluto; Mercury sextile Saturn)

Tues, Sept 26
Relationship/love themes from yesterday carry over.  Also highlighted are some of the deeper motivations to make change, get things moving, and for all intents and purposes to push the envelope.  “Touchy feely” issues be damned, there would seem to be no time right now for such subtlety or sensitivity.  Physical issues of breakthrough/breakdown through intense output and exertion are indicated.  You probably should set your self to be quite active and aggressive.  Lighter things such as meditation will be less successful; that is, unless you set yourself to meditate on darker things. Be careful of accidents, cuts, burns, and fire.  (Mars quincunx Uranus, quintile Pluto)

Wed, Sept 27
[No Peaking Influences]

Thurs, Sept 28
[No Peaking Influences]

Fri, Sept 29
The Sun aspecting Saturn today could inhibit otherwise normally upbeat spirits.  Events and situations may come about that have a particularly discouraging effect. Sure, traffic is backed up for an hour, but does it have to ruin the rest of your day?  The computer network is crashed, but do you have to take it out on your employees?  Bad things, of course, really are there to show us something that needs fixing in our lives.  Remember also that a merciful universe may be letting you in on what may be only a tenth of what you deserve; but you’re getting a token crisis and things could be very much worse.  Cheer up, stay positive and proactive; you may find a tremendous inner strength to access.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sat, Sept 30
[No Peaking Influences]

Sun, Oct 1
Two contacts to Neptune today could make things seem rather beautiful, but underneath it may be a deadly illusion.  Beware of hidden agendas in relationships and mutual escapist tendencies in relationships forming now that may cause trouble down the line.

Mon, Oct 2
[No Peaking Influences]

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